The U.S. from 1789 to 1820

By Tango8
  • Spain gets florida back through the treaty of paris

    Florida is given to spain again as the british's part of the treaty of paris.
  • Congress passes Residence Act

    This act said that we could build a capital for the nation on the potomac river.
  • Washington D.C.

    Washington D.C. is constructed and is over seen by Maj. Pierre-Charles L'Enfant.
  • Cotton Gin is invented by Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney invents a cotton gin able to seperate the fibers and seeds of short staple and long staple cotton.
  • The Second Great Awakening

    The first great awakening focused more on Calvinist ideas but the second great awakening focused on Arminianism. Both combined went from 1720 to 1840. The first went from 1720 to 1750, and the second went from 1795 to 1840.
  • First two political parties are created

    The federalists and the Democratic-Republicans were now both formed.
  • Louisiana Purchase takes place

    The Louisiana Purchase is given to the U.S. by France.
  • Lewis and Clark set out

    Lewis and Clark make their journey up to the Pacific ocean going by rivers and water ways all the way.
  • Lewis and Clark Return

    Lewis and Clark both make it back home safely after having a successful mission.
  • First National Road is built in West Virgina

    The first national road also called the cumberland road was finished in west virgina.
  • U.S. gets Florida and it becomes a territory

    Spain gives Florida to the U.S. as part of a transfer
  • Missouri Compromise ends

    Missouri's constitution is accepted and it is now a slave state, and the Missouri compromise has ended.
  • Erie Canal Opens

    Governer De Witt Clinton does the opening ceremony for the Erie Canal.