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Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Expedition Begins

    Clark and four dozen men set off from Camp Dubois in a large keelboat and a couple smaller boats. Lewis joins them a few days They head up the Missouri River.
  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • First Fourth of July that was west of the Mississippi River

    First Fourth of July that was west of the Mississippi River
    The first Fourth of July that was west of the Mississippi River was started with a cannon shot, Lewis, Clark and anybody ells that went on the expedition drank extra whisky that day and they named a creak "Independence Creek" that creek now is near Atchinson, Kansas.
  • New animals found in the Great Plains

    New animals found in the Great Plains
    Now on the Great Plains the expedition sees unknown animals like coyotes, antelope, mule deer, and others animals. On that day all the men were determined to drown a prairie dog out of its hole to send back to Jefferson. The captains described in their journal that in all they found 178 new plants and 122 new animals that had not been recorded for science.
  • Charbonneau hired (Sacagawea included)

    Charbonneau hired (Sacagawea included)
    “a Mr. Chaubonie (Charbonneau), interpreter for the Gross Ventre nation Came to See us, and informed that the came Down with Several Indians from a hunting expidition up the river, ... this man wished to hire as an interpiter, ... ”
    Lewis and Clark meet a French fur trader who was living among the Hidatsa’s and hired him to be the interpreter. His name was Charbonneau, and had a wife who was a young Shoshone who could help the expedition get horses.
  • L & C reach Yellowstone Park

    L & C reach Yellowstone Park
    Lewis and Clark reached Yellowstone Park. They are now 300 miles from final destination. This area is good for hunting due to all of the animals roaming around. There is absolutely no rain. Animals aren't protective and the team passes by them with ease.
    April 25, 1805
    Meriwether Lewis
    the buffaloe Elk and Antelope are so gentle that we pass near them while feeding, without apearing to excite any alarm among them; and when we attract their attention, they frequently approach us.
  • L & C pass beyond the point on the Missouri river where no white man has ever explored before, encounters with bears

    L & C pass beyond the point on the Missouri river where no white man has ever explored before, encounters with bears
    Lewis & Clark pass beyond the point on the Missouri River near what is now Montana. No white man has ever explored here before in a life time. They pass many buffalo and different animals
    April 29, 1805
    Meriwether Lewis
    (Meeting with two bear)
    ... the other after my firing on him pursued me seventy or eighty yards, but fortunately had been so badly wounded that he was unable to pursue so closely as to prevent my charging my gun; we again repeated our fir[e] and killed him.
  • Pomp Born

    Pomp Born
    Sacagawea gives birth to Jean Baptiste later nicknamed Pomp.
    Journal entry:"about five O’clock this evening one of the wives of Charbono was delivered of a fine boy. it is worthy of remark that this was the first child which this woman had born, and as is common in such cases her labor was tedious and the pain violent; Jessome informed me that he had frequently administered a small bit of the rattle of the rattle-snake, which he assured me had never failed to produce the desired effect..."
  • the Missouri Falls

    the Missouri Falls
    Lewis scouted ahead a found the Missouri falls. He thought of them as the most beautiful thing he ever seen. But then they realized that there were four falls. They thought that it would be a one and half day hike around the falls, but it actually took them close to a month. June 13, 1805
    Meriwether Lewis
    ... my ears were saluted with the agreeable sound of a fall of water and advancing a little further I saw the spray arrise above the plain like a collumn of smoke..
  • Sacajawea is reunited with her brother

    Sacajawea is reunited with her brother
    The expedition finds a group of Shoshones; Lewis brings Sacajawea with him to interpret a negotiation. The chief happened to be her brother.
  • Pacific Ocean viewed

    Pacific Ocean viewed
    Clark spots the marvelous ocean 20 miles away. The expedition gets stuck at their camp because of storms and high winds before they could get there.
    “Great joy in camp we are in viuew of the Ocian, this great Pacific Octean which we been so long anxious to See. and the roreing or noise made by the waves brakeing on the rockey Shores (as I suppose) may be heard disti[n]ctly”
  • Christmas is celebrated at fort catsop.

    Christmas is celebrated at fort catsop.
    Christmas was celebrated at Fort Clatsop; the party gave away their entire supply of Tabaco to native American tribes. Journal Entry: at day light this morning we we[re] awoke by the discharge of the fire arm[s] of all our party & a Selute, Shouts and a Song which the whole party joined in under our windows, after which they retired to their rooms were chearfull all the morning. after brackfast we divided our Tobacco which amounted to 12 carrots one half of which we gave to the men of the part
  • L & C set off to return home from Fort Clatsop

    L & C set off to return home from Fort Clatsop
    March 23, 1806
    Lilly Attwood
    The L+C expedition set off, after a vigorous winter, from Fort Clatsop to go home and tell about their adventures. March 23, 1806
    Meriwether Lewis
    “at 1 P.M. we bid a final adieu to Fort Clatsop. we had not proceeded more than a mile before we met Delashelwilt and a party of 20 Chinnooks men and women. this Cheif lea[r]ning that we were in want of a canoe some days past, had brought us one for sale, but being already supplyed, we did not purchase it.”
  • Catch Blackfoot stealing supplies

    Catch Blackfoot stealing supplies
    July 26, 1806
    Lilly Attwood
    Lewis and catch the Blackfoot tribe trying to steal supplies from their camp while they are out exploring. They get away with some supplies but they still have enough for the time being. July 26, 1806
    Meriwether Lewis
    “...we set out biding a last adieu to this place which I now call camp disappointment.
    I discovered several indians on the top of an iminence just above them who appeared to be looking down towards the river I presumed at Drewyer. about half the h
  • the end of trip

    the end of trip
    It was the last day of the of the trip. They were gone for two and a half years. They came back into st.louis, and the People had give them up for dead. People were joyful upon there return. September 23, 1806
    William Clark
    we rose early took the Chief to the publick store & furnished him with Some clothes &c. ... decended to the Mississippi and down that river to St. Louis at which place we arived about 12 oClock. we Suffered the party to fire off their pieces as a Salute to the Town.