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Lewis and Clark Anchor MH

  • St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis, Missouri
    Lewis and Clark met up at the decided place at St. Louis, along the Missouri Rive. They both brought a small group of men with them and different supplies. They even brought things to document the new things that they would see on the travel. Such as new kinds of animals, plants, and to record the trip. They even mapped the trails they used for other people to later use.
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd

    Sergeant Charles Floyd
    Charles Floyd was the only person to die on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Historians believe that he died from a "ruptured appendix." Not the "bilious cholic" that the explorers thought that he had been ill with.
  • Peaceful trade exchange

    Peaceful trade exchange
    When Yankton Sioux Indians met the group of explorers, since they knew their world was changing, they wanted to trade with the Americans. They met with Lewis and his group to council with them. They had traded with British and French traders, and were very willing to trade.
  • The Tenton Sioux Tribe meet the Corps of Discovery

    The Tenton Sioux Tribe meet the Corps of Discovery
  • Period: to

    Standoff with the Teton Sioux

    The expedition met the Teton Sioux Indians, and were received with open hostility. Even the smaller gifts of their more modern world, didn't help decrease any tension between the two groups. In the end, Lewis and Clark's group left after nearly fighting with the Teton Sioux Indians.
  • Fort Mandan

    Fort Mandan
  • The winter

    The winter
    The winter and the cold caused the explores to have to find place to stay until spring. The nearest Natives, Mandan Indians, were very kind. They helped the Corps of Discovery deal with the winter when they had to stop and stay in one place.
  • The whale

    The whale
    One animal that defiantly affected the Corps of Discovery was the whale that Indians told them about at the west coast. They had run out of food at that time, and were told about it. They then used it for food and as a result didn't starve.
  • Clatsop Indians help the Corps

    Clatsop Indians help the Corps
    The Clatsop Indians helped the Corps of Discovery to prepare for the winter and gave them advice. They also told them about a dead whale when the Fort ran out of food. Coboway was one of the Clatsop Indians, and he made friends with much of the explorers.
  • Period: to

    Fort Mandan

    The Corps of Discovery stayed with the Mandan Indians during that winter. They had built the fort before the winter set in and then stayed there until they could travel again. During that time, they hunted food and traded with the Mandan Indians.
  • Pompey is born

    Pompey is born
    Pompey, Sacajawea's son, was born about two months before the expedition was to depart. He actually help the Corps of Discovery in convincing that they were peaceful. For the Indians, women and children weren't taken with war parties, which helped many of them to not attack directly.
  • Buffalo

    On the trip back, Lewis and Clark's party comes across astounding wildlife in what is now Montana. They came across herds of buffalo. Some counting up to 100,000 of the mammals.
  • The Shoshone Tribe

    The Shoshone Tribe
    The Corps of Discovery were the first white men that the Shoshone Indians had every seen. They first encountered women of the tribe, who were afriad at first, but they were shown the Corps were peaceful after they put their guns down, "gave them trinkets and painted their faces with vermilion, a symbol of peace."
  • Richard Windsor is sick

    A "lesser known" member of the expedition, named Richard Windsor, was very sick. He caused the small party he was in to hold up for a bit. Lewis only document a very small bit about him.
  • Fort Clatsop

    Fort Clatsop
    Lewis and Clark's group stayed in the area for a bit, and while they were there, local Indians told them of a dead whale that had been found on the beach. He sent men to "possibly obtain some whale oil and blubber" to feed them all. Sacajawea convince them to let her go with them to see the ocean and whale.
  • Tree that saved McNeal from a bear attack

    Tree that saved McNeal from a bear attack
    While searching for something for Lewis, one of the explorers, McNeal, encountered a grizzly, and only managed to escape by climbing up the willow tree nearest to him.
  • Blackfoot Native American killed

    Blackfoot Native American killed
    A group of Blackfoot Indians encountered a group from the expedition and decided to camp with them. Lewis, who was in the group, told the Indians about how the Americans wanted to have peace between the them and the Indians. The Blackfoot Indians then attacked the group when he stated that they had given weapons to their enemies the Shoshones and Nez Perces. Lewis and another explorer Reuben Field, killed a Blackfoot Indian in the attack.