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    Lewis & clarks Journey

  • Expedition starts

    Expedition starts
    Lewis and Clark start their expedition with four dozen men and large newfoundland dog. They left St. Charles, Missouri about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
  • Sargent Charles Floyd

    Sargent Charles Floyd
    'Sargent Charles Floyd died from a ruptured appendix. He was buried on a bluff over looking the Missouri River. That is now called Floyd's bluff. There is now a monument in his honor at that location. 'http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/lewisandclark/ser.htm' >
  • Encounter with Sioux

    Encounter with Sioux
    The Sioux tribe was very aggressive in protecting their land from others. The Siouxs did not believe the Corp was a friendly group and things were tense. Chief Black Bufflalo stepped in and decided that Lewis and Clark were friendly and that night they danced and played music.
  • Expedition delayed by rain

    Expedition delayed by rain
    Lewis and his men had been walking in the rain all day. The rain made it hard for them to move very far. They were cold and wet,and they were trying to walk through three inches of mud and water.
  • Winter spent at Fort Mandan

    Winter spent at Fort Mandan
    The Corps spent that winter Fort Mandan. The Manden leader accepted Lewis and Clark. They lived in peace with the Mandens. The mandens took them on a buffalo hunt when the Corps was struggling for food. In his journal Clark wrote,"Visited by Several Chiefs of the lower Village who requested we would call on them. Spoke to the Same purpote [purport] with the Grand Chief. we Set out in the evening & I with the Party droped down to the place we intended to winter."
  • Sacajawea givs birth

    Sacajawea givs birth
    Sacajawea gave biirth to a baby boy. This was her first child and she named him Jean Baptiste, but Clark nicknames the baby Pomp, which means "little dancing boy".about five oclock this evening one of the wives of Charbono was delivered of a fine boy. Lewis remarked in his Journal, "it is worthy of remark that this was the first child which this woman had boarn and as is common in such cases her labour was tedious and the pain violent;".http://www.browsebiography.com/bio-sacagawea.html
  • The expedition encounters a grizzly bear.

    The expedition encounters a grizzly bear.
    Lewis and his men were traveling when they crossed pathes with a grizzly bear. This was the biggest bear they had ever had seen. Some of Lewis' men immediately started to shoot at it. It took ten shots to kill the bear In his journal Lewis wrote, " it was a most tremendious looking anamal, and extreemly hard to kill.Capt. Clark thought he would weigh 500 lbs. for my own part I think the estimate too small by 100 lbs. he measured 8 Feet 7½ Inches from the nose to the extremety of the hin."
  • Lewis is helped by the chole cherry tree.

    Lewis is helped by the chole cherry tree.
    Lewis became violently ill and was running a high fever. There was an abundance of choke cherry so he decided to try and make a medicine out of it. After boiling the twigs and leaves in water and drinking it, he had relief from his symptoms. He wrote in his journal,"in the evening I was entirely releived from pain and in fact every symptom of the disorder forsook me; my fever abated, a gentle perspiration was produced and I had a comfortable and refreshing nights rest.
  • Lewis and clark in Idaho

    Lewis and clark in Idaho
    Lewis travels up the Lemhi Pass and is the first U.S. citizen to cross the continental divide. He was trying to follow a group of Indians. He lost the Indians but did find an Indian road that provided a path over the mountain.
  • The Shoshone Tribe

    The Shoshone Tribe
    " If we do not finnde the shoshone the succesful issue of our voyage will be very doutfull" Wrote Lewis in his Journal.
    Lewis and three other men came across a Soshone women that was gathering food. Lewis convinced her that they were friendly. When Lewis and the three men got to the Shoshone tribe the Chief thotught they were friendly and gave them a teepee to sleep in.
  • Lewis & Clark receive help from the Nrez Perce indians

    Lewis & Clark receive help from the Nrez Perce indians
    Chief Twisted Hair told Lewis and Clark the route to take over the Bitterroot mountains and helped them find good wood to make canoes for the trip. The corp also stayed with in May of 1806 on their return journey.
  • Fort Clatsop

    Fort Clatsop
    Lewis and clark found a suitable place to stay for the winter. They named it Fort Clatsop, after the indians that lived close by. They stayed there until they left for home. http://www.nps.gov/lewi/planyourvisit/fortclatsop.htm
  • Heading for home

    Heading for home
    On March 25 The Corp of Discovery packed up and started to head for home. Clark wrote in his journal,"the rained Seased and it became fair about Meridean, at which time we loaded our Canoes & at 1 P. M. left Fort Clatsop on our homeward bound journey. "
  • Fight with the Blackfeet Indians

    Fight with the Blackfeet Indians
    They Corp of Discovery had been camping with the Blackfeet Indians.During an early morning encounter a few of the blackfeet took the guns of Lewis and his men. Fields stabbed on of the Indians and Lewis shot another of the Indians. Both of the Indians died. Lewis wrote, " one of them jumped behind a rock and spoke to the other who turned around and stoped at the distance of 30 steps from me and I shot him through the belly, [2] he fell to his knees."
  • The Corp of Discovery Returns

    The Corp of Discovery Returns
    Jeffersons reaction to their return Corp of Discovery return to St. Louis, Missouri after being gone for almost two and half years. Most people had thought they were all dead. Clark wrote in his Journal,"Set out decended to the Mississippi and down that river to St. Louis at which place we arived about 12 oClock. we Suffered the party to fire off their pieces as a Salute to the Town. we were met by all the village and received a harty welcom from it'sinhabitants."