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The Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis, Missouri
    Lewis & Clark Expedition Route Preperations for the expedition began in the fall of 1803. President Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark in hopes of finding a water route to the Pacific Ocean and exploring the West. The expedition started from St. Louis, Missouri and traveled Northwest along the Missouri River exploring the land and water way. "... the water excessively rapid, & Banks falling" said Wiliam Clark as they were concerned with the dangers along the way.
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd becomes ill

    Sergeant Charles Floyd becomes ill
    Charles FloydOn July 31, 1804 Sergeant Charles Floyd, one of the US soldiers on the journey became ill. He had struggled with this before and eventually died on August 20, 1804. It is said he died of an appendicitis attack but remained very courageous unitl his death.
  • Experience With a Sioux Tribe

    Experience With a Sioux Tribe
    Sioux IndiansIn August of 1804, Lewis and Clark encountered their first Indian tribes along their journey. They lost one of their men and the only man to die on the journey, Sergeant Charles Floyd. He died of an appendicitis attack. They first met the Yankton Sioux who were very peaceful, but soon after encountered the Teton Sioux who were threatening and demanded greater gifts than Lewis and Clark offered.
  • Experience at Fort Mandan

    Experience at Fort Mandan
    Mandan Lodge Winter was approaching and Lewis and Clark knew that they had take find protection. They traveled as far as the Mandan Tribe and built a fort just in time. They kept a watchful eye for the Sioux Indians. Sacajawea joined the expedition. Lewis and Clark learned alot about life in the West from the Mandan Tribe. They learned to hunt buffalo for food and they traded with the Indians.
  • Period: to

    Winter with the Mandan Tribe

    It was during this long winter that Lewis and Clark spent their time learning many helpful trades from the Mandan Indians. They journaled, collected specimens and minerals, which they would eventually take back to President Jeffererson.
  • Trading with the Mandan Tribe

    Trading with the Mandan Tribe
    Mandan IndianDuring the winter of 1804 - 1805 Lewis and Clark spent thier time camping with the Mandan tribe. They were a friendly tribe willing to trade with the Americans. They camped along the Missouri River and shared much conversation together.
  • Sacajawea's Baby

    Sacajawea's Baby
    Little PompSacajawea's baby boy, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, began the journey with his mom and the "Corps of Discovery" as they journied to the coast. He traveled strapped to his mom's back on a board. Clark adored him and called him "Little Pomp".
  • Encounter with Grizzlies

    Encounter with Grizzlies
    As Lewis and Clark were traveling through Grizzly territory, they were charged by some grizzly bears. Lewis thought because he owned a gun he didn't have to be afraid of them. He was mistaken. They injured a bear and their men killed the other bear.
  • Sacajawea Saves the Day!

    Sacajawea Saves the Day!
    As the journey traveled west they came upon a high wind. The wind forced tipped the vessels over and their precious maps, journals, and supplies fell out. Sacajawea acted quickly and was able to save most of these items. This was very important because these items provided valuable information from their journey.
  • Sacajawea introduces Tree Bark for Food

    Sacajawea introduces Tree Bark for Food
    As food supply was low, Sacajawea introduced tree bark to the men as a source of food. Nutrition was important as they were fighting the Great Falls on their journey.The bark was an excellent form of flax. The trees were also used to make new canoes.
  • Experience with the Shoshone Tribe

    Experience with the Shoshone Tribe
    Shoshone IndiansLewis and Clark met up with the Shoshone Indian Tribe who had alot of horses. They needed to trade for horses to get through the Continental Divide. The Indian Chief was Sacajawea's brother. Lewis and Clark learned of a trail used by the Nez Perce that would take them through the divide.
  • Experience at Orofino, Idaho

    Experience at Orofino, Idaho
    Clearwater RiverLewis and Clark learned how to make new canoes from Twisted Hair of the Nez Perce Tribe. These were their first new canoes since they left St. Louis. The five new canoes were put into the Clearwater River at Orofino, Idaho and the expedition continued.
  • Period: to

    Winter at Clatsop

    The "Corps of Discovery" spent the winter at Fort Clatsop. After a very dreadful winter they looked forward to making their return journey. They headed back in five canoes to retrace their steps.
  • Experience at Fort Clatsop

    Experience at Fort Clatsop
    Fort ClatsopWhile twenty miles from the coast, Clark thought that he saw the Pacific Ocean and shouted, "Ocian in view! O! the joy". Lewis and Clark settled down for the winter and built Fort Clatsop near the Columbia River. They spent a very boring winter with the Clatsop Indians making clothing, journaling, and working on maps. Lewis and Clark wanted to do some trading with the ships that stopped at the mouth of the Columbia but the Indians didn't tell them when it arrived,
  • Weather Influences the Expedition

    Weather Influences the Expedition
    Traveler's RestAfter leaving the Clatsop and making their return journey, Lewis and Clark headed up the Bitteroot Mountains against the advise of the Nez Perce Indians. There was alot of snow in the mountains forcing them to turn back for help. When the Nez Perce guides led them back up the mountains, Lewis and Clark decided to part ways at Traveler's Rest and Lewis went north and Clark went south. They hoped to cover more territory.
  • Expedition Member kills Blackfeet Indians

    Expedition Member kills Blackfeet Indians
    While Lewis and his men were exploring the Marias River they came upon the Blackfoot Indians. They seemed friendly at first but the men were skeptical. Some of the Blackfeet tried to steal some rifles. " I ran at him with my pistol and bid him lay down my gun" said Lewis, and Lewis' men killed two Blackfeet Indians.
  • A Casualty with Lewis

    A Casualty with Lewis
    Meriwether LewisPrior to Lewis and Clark reuniting on their return journey, some of Clark's men were hunting and accidentally shot Lewis in the leg. Lewis was wearing Buckskin clothing and was mistaken as an animal. The shot entered his butt and thigh and "the stroke was very severe", said Lewis, but it didn;t kill him.
  • "The Corps of Discovery" arrives back in St. Louis

    "The Corps of Discovery" arrives back in St. Louis
    The expeditionIt took two years, four months, and ten days to complete this very dangerous journey. People were excited to see them arrive back. Some thought they had died on their journey. The trip was a very beneficial and successful journey.