Lewis and clark

Lewis And Clark

By 32876
  • Getting Started

    In 1803 Jefferson set the expedition in motion. Jefferson chose Meriwether Lewis to lead the expedition and congress gave him $2,500.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Jefferson bought 820,000 acres from France.
  • Going To Philadelphia

    Going To Philadelphia
    Lewis went to Philadelphia to learn about mapmaking, plants and animal indentification ,and to buy things for the trip.(Food, guns, tents, gifts,and etc)
  • Getting Ready

    The Corps of Discovery traveled to where the Missouri river joins the Mississippi river and set up camp. The men trained and waited for winter to be over.
  • Corps Of Discovery set off

    Corps Of Discovery set off
    May 14 1804 The Corps of Discovery finally set off on the Missour river. Forty five men were in The Corps of Discovery. All of the men had a skill that would be useful.
  • Medicine And Tough Times

    Medicine And Tough Times
    Medicine did not help the men. They had sprains, bites, blisters, and a lot of other troubles.
  • New Animals

    New Animals
    Jefferson had asked the Corps of Discovery to write down all of the new animals and plants that they saw. Bison was one of the first new animals that they saw.
  • Hunting

    The men hunted a lot. When they killed something they wrote about it, skinned, ate the meat, and kept parts to send back to President Jefferson.
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd Died

    He was buried in Sioux City, Iowa. He was the only man to die on the trip.
  • Native Americans

    Native Americans
    The Corps of Discovery met many Native Americans along the trip. They gave them gifts. They did get into a arguement with the Lakota tribe.
  • Made camp with the Mandan Native Americans

    Made camp with the Mandan Native Americans
    Winter was coming. The Corps of Discovery made camp with the Mandan tribe until spring. They built a fort.
  • Lewis delivered a baby.

    Lewis delivered a baby.
    Sacagawea gave birth to a boy with help from Lewis. She joined the Corps of Discovery to help guide them and talk to other native americans.
  • Headed West Again

    The Corps of Discovery packed up their camp and started on the trip again.
  • South Fork

    South Fork
    The men came to a place in the river where it went in 2 directions. Lewis and the men went on the south fork. They had to carry their boats around the waterfalls.
  • Sacagawea found her brother

    Sacagawea found her brother
    Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea met with the Shoshone chief to try to trade something for horses so they could cross the mountains. The cheif was Sacagaweas brother. He sold them the horses they needed and let them take a guide named Old Toby.
  • Lewis discovered the Rocky Mounatins

    Lewis discovered the Rocky Mounatins
    Lewis thought he was going to see the Pacific ocean but instead he saw the Rocky Mounains. He found out there was no Northwest passage.
  • Nez Perce Native Americans

    The Corps of Discovery finally crossed the Rocky Mountains. The Nez Perce helped them build canoes and gave them food.
  • Made it to the Pacific Ocean

    Made it to the Pacific Ocean
    The Corps of Discovery finally made it to the Pacific Ocean. They made a fort on the south bank. They named it Fort Clatsop. While they got ready to go home the men wrote in their journals. Clark made a map of where they had been.
  • Began trip home

    The Corps of Discovery paddled up the Columbia river.
  • Crossing the Rocky Mountains

    Crossing the Rocky Mountains
    The men tried to cross the Rocky Mountains but had to turn back. They stayed with the Nez Perce for a few more weeks and then tried again.
  • The Corps of Discovery split into 2 groups

    Lewis and Clark made 2 groups and went to explore. Native Americans tried to steal their horses and guns one night. One native american was stabbed and another one was shot.
  • Arrived in Saint Louis

    After the group got to Saint Louis Lewis and Clark went to Washington D.C to see the president.
  • Lewis dies

    Lewis dies
    Lewis was the new governor of the Louisiana Territory. He was not happy. He shot himself with his pistol and died.
    Clark tried to help the Native Americans who helped him on his trip.