Lewis and clark

The Lewis And Clark Expedition

By mckinis
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase was made for 15 million dollars, paid to the the French ruler, Napolean. The wetsern lands now belonged to the Untied States.
  • The Corps Of Discorvey Head Out

    The Corps Of Discorvey Head Out
    All 40 members of the Lewis and Clark expedition were gathered along the way up the Missouri River, originally leaving from St. Louis. They traveled in two canoes and a boat. Their job was to explore and learn about the content that the western lands held. They were to also find an all-water route that would take them across the continent to the Pacific Ocean, which would be used for trade. To do so, they had to travel upstream aginst the current.
  • Mandan Indian Village

    Mandan Indian Village
    Leiws and CLark arrived at the Mandan Indian Village in current day South Dakota. The Mandans helped the explorers get through the winter, but were not grateful to have them there, because they were competiton in fur trading.
  • LeavingThe Mandan Village

    LeavingThe Mandan Village
    Lewis and Clark set out from the Mandan Indian Village, along with them went 17 year old Sacagawea and her husband, a french fur trapper, along with their child, John Baptist. Sacagawea would be a geat advantage to Lewis and Clark later in the expedition, and would save them multiple times.
  • Grizzly Bear Attack

    Grizzly Bear Attack
    Grizzly Bears
    Lewis, and another man on the expedition, kill a large grizzly brar when it came after them. This was the first Grizzly bear seen by explorer Meriwether Lewis. He wrote and dre about it in his journal.
  • Missouri River Split

    Missouri River Split
    Lewis and Clark arrive at a split in the Missouri River, one leading to the north and one leading to the south. They took the north route, even though lewis and Clark believed the right way was to the south. But since the rest of the expedition didn't, majority ruled.
  • Shosone Indian Village

    Shosone Indian Village
    Lewis comes across a Shosone Indian village, where they try to get some horses. While talking to the Indian Chief Cameanwait, Sacagawea realizes that it's her brother. The camp sight at the village was named Camp Fortunate because of this miracle. They later leave the camp and set out with 29 horses and a Shoshone guide. (Sacagawea was kidnapped when she was young by other indians, so she hadn't seen her brother in a long time.)
  • Columbia River

    Columbia River
    After crossing the Rocky Mountains, the expedition passes through present day Weippe, Idaho and arrives at the Columbia River.
  • The Ocean In View

    The Ocean In View
    At eight o' clock a.m., on a warm foggy day, the expedition heads out. Before long, Clark notices the Pacific Ocean off in the distance. They are still 20 miles away, but they know they have made it. Clark writes in his journal, "Ocean in View! O! the Joy."
  • Heading Home

    Heading Home
    After reaching the Pacific Ocean, the expedition began their trip home heading up the Coumbia River. They had made it across the continent!. They now just had to make it back..
  • May - June 1806

    May - June 1806
    Lewis and Clark arrived at the Bitteroot Mountains where they met the Nez Perce Indians, near modern day Orofino, Idaho. They allowed them to stay the whole spring with them until the snow melted in late June. During this time, the men would rest and work on carving out more canoes, while the friendly and kind Indians kept them healthy and fed.
  • The Expedition Splits

    The Expedition Splits
    After crossing the Bitterroot Mountains, the expedition split into two groups where they then went off to explore the northern and southern parts off the main path that was originally taken. Their main goal was to find an easier way to cross the Rocky Mountains. Lewis would take the Missouri River eastward, while Clark made his way to Yellowstone, where both teams would eventually meet back up in the split of the Missouri.
  • Reunited

    Both, Lewis and Clark's group meets back up near the mouth of the Yellowstone River, around six miles south of the Spanish territory in North Dakota.
  • Return To The Mandan Indian Village

    Return To The Mandan Indian Village
    The expedition returns to the Mandan Indian Village where Sacagawea, her son John Baptist, Charbonneau stay, and will continue their life. (Sacagawea's brother was there and it was where she grew up.)
  • Arriving at St.Louia

    Arriving at St.Louia
    While now traveling downstream, Lewis and Clark could cover much more land. They reached St.Louis on September 23. It was said that arriving in the main part of town, they fired off three rounds signaling their presence.