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Lewis and Clark's Journey

  • Starting Point St. Louis, Missouri

    Starting Point St. Louis, Missouri
    Lewis and Clark's journey started out from camp Dubois shown in the image. Lewis didn't start off the journey with the others, he joined them in St.Lewis shortly after the journey had began. They travel in a large boat and 2 small boats up the Missisouri river. William Clark writtes in his Journal, "I Set out at 4 oClock P.M, in the presence of many of the neighboring inhabitents, and proceeded on under a jentle brease up the Missourie...a heavy rain this after-noon."
  • Mosquitoes Influenced the Expedition

    Mosquitoes Influenced the Expedition
    Chronic malaria could have driven Lewis to suicide after the journey in 1809. Malaria was carried through the many mosquitoes along the journey. The men constantly complained along the journey and the dogs would howl in the night because of the mosquitoes. In July of 1804, John Ordway wrote, "Musquitoes troubled me so that I could not Sleep" this is just one of many entries about the pesks along the trip.
  • Peaceful Exchange with the Zottous Tribe

    Peaceful Exchange with the Zottous Tribe
    The Corps of Discovery meets with a group of Zottous Indians on this day. The Corps hands out peace medals which are shown in the picture, flags, and other gifts, they also gave speeches. John Ordway wrote about the experience with the Indians saying, "they made some verry sensable Speeches Smoked and drank with us. Shook hands and parted." The Indians also offered gifts back to the corps of discovery as trade.
  • The Expedition Experiences a Casualty

    The Expedition Experiences a Casualty
    The Corps had its first casualty when Charles Floyd died of what was thought to be appendicitis. He was the only one out of the corps who died along the journey. "Here sergeant Floyd died, notwithstanding every possible effort was made by the commanding officers and other persons, to save his life.", Patrick Gass writes in his journal the day of Floyd's death. There is a memorial for Charles Floyd in Sioux city which is shown in this image.
  • Experience with the Sioux Tribe

    Experience with the Sioux Tribe
    4 Indians who were musicians went around the camp singing and making noise all around Lewis and Clark's group. The Sioux tribe then met with the group, they gave the tribe gifts and made some of the Indians in the tribe Cheifs. A baby was born this day and Lewis wrapped him in an American Flag an announced him as an American. A celebration took place then with the Indians. Patrick Gass writes,"Ten or twelve acted as musicians, while twenty or thirty young men and boys engaged in the dance,"
  • The expedition was aided by the help of Sacagawea

    The expedition was aided by the help of Sacagawea
    Sacagawea was Charbonneau's wife, she was taken by the Indians who sold her to him. The corps hired Charbonneau who was a French fur trader, he was living with the indians to be an interpreter for them. Later when the corps met up with Shoshone Indians (Sacagawea was Shoshone also) she discovered that the Shosone leader was her brother, Cameahwait. Because of Sacagewea the Shoshone gave the corps the horses that they needed to cross the mountains.
  • Experience at Fort Mandan

    Experience at Fort Mandan
    The Indians put stand in a circle and call the buffalow's, a few days later a heard of them show up. "a Buffalow Dance (or Medeson) (Medecine) for 3 nights passed in the 1st Village, a curious Custom" writes William Clark. Many of the hunters get frostbite. An Indian boy is one of them and Lewis must amputate some toes without special medical supplies. This all took place at Fort Mandan where Lewis and Clark's group stayed durring the winter, the fort is shown here.
  • A Baby is Born

    A Baby is Born
    A baby boy named Jean Baptiste is born to Sacagewea.
    "it is worthy of remark that this was the first child which this woman had boarn, and as is common in such cases her labour was tedious and the pain violent" Lewis wrote in his journal that day. Lewis made a potion to speed up the delivery that involved the rattle of a rattle snake. Toussaint Charbonneau was a French-Canadian fur trapper who was an interpreter on the journey, he was the father of Jean Baptiste.
  • Buffalo Profoundly Affected the Expedition

    Buffalo Profoundly Affected the Expedition
    The Mandan Indians who the corps is settled with for the winter performs a ceremony to call buffalos. Several hunters get frostbite when the explorers hunt with the Mandans, a boy must have his toes amputated by Lewis after the hunt.
    Months later in April, many buffalo are also hunted, this keeps the expedition moving productivly while the group is well fed. "Saw large gangs of buffaloe Swimming the River just before our cannoes & we would not Shoot them as we had meat enofe" writes John Ordway.
  • York Becomes Ill

    York Becomes Ill
    York, Clarks servant, becomes very sick on this day. Clark gave him some tarter that day and by the night he was feeling better. "Capt. Clarks black man York is very unwell today and he game him a doze of tartar emettic which operated very well and he was much better in the evening." Lewis writes after York begins to feel better. He also became ill 3 times in the month of December but had good health for the rest of the expedition.
  • An Experience with the Shoshone Tribe

    An Experience with the Shoshone Tribe
    The expedition continues to the villiage of Shoshones. Sacagewea is brought along to translate for Lewis and Clark and their group. The chief of the Shoshones actually turns out to be her own brother. Lewis wrote in his journal that day, "Capt. Clark arrived with the Interpreter Charbono, and the Indian woman, who proved to be a sister of the Chief Cameahwait"
  • An Experience that occurred in Present Day Idaho

    An Experience that occurred in Present Day Idaho
    The Nez Perce Indians decide to befriend Lewis and Clark's group. A chief from the Nez Perce tribe shows them how to make new canoes out of pine trees. They make 5 new canoes and the group heads out into the Clearwater River with those new canoes. Willium wrote in his Journal the day before, "all the Canoes finished this evening ready to be put into the water."
  • Trees Affect the Expedition

    Trees Affect the Expedition
    A chief named Twisted Hair from the Nez Percé tribe who decided to become friends with lewis and clark helps them to make new canoes, They use fire to hollow the inside of the pine trees and make 5 canoes. John Ordway wrote, "all the party that were able to work went at makeing the canoes and oars." Their expedition sets off again with the new canoes in the river.
  • Experience at Fort Clatsop

    Experience at Fort Clatsop
    After the group votes they decide to build a fort at modern day Astoria, Oregon for the winter. Later the group at Fort Clatsop celebrates Christmas as Lewis and Clark give handkerchiefs and tobacco as gifts. Lewis then writtes in his journal, “we proceeded on” and the group left their fort to continue with their journey.
  • 2 Blackfoot Indians are Killed

    2 Blackfoot Indians are Killed
    A fight broke out between the Corps and the Blackfoot Indians. The Corps caught the Indians attempting to steal their supplies. Two Blackfeet were killed in this fight and a peace medal was left on one of the bodies. "I also retook the flagg but left the medal about the neck of the dead man that they might be informed who we were." Writes Lewis after this action filled event took place.