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  • Period: to

    Camp Wood near St Louis

    First winter spent gathering supplies, outfiting boats, and training for departure.
  • Departure of the Corps of Discovery

    Departure of the Corps of Discovery
    Departure of the Corps of Discovery up the Missouri River.
    The expedition consisted of a keelboat with 22 privates, three Sergeants, and Captains Lewis and Clark. In addition, there were two pirogues (canoes), one manned by six soldiers and Corporal Warfington. The other pirogue was manned by eight French voyagers. Clark noted in his journal that morning that they were, "fixing for a Start." He also noted that the men were "in high Spirits".
  • Period: to

    St. Louis to the Pacific and back

    St. Louis to the Pacific and back.
  • The Expedition Loses a Member

    The Expedition Loses a Member
    Near present day Sioux City, Iowa, Sgt. Charles Floyd passes away after being ill for several days. Louis diagnosed the disease as "Biliose Chorlick", most likely an infection from a perforated or ruptured appendix. Clark noted in his journal "This Man at all times gave us proofs of his firmness and Deturmined resolution to doe Service to his Countrey..." They named the nearby bluffs in honor of Sergeant Floyd.
  • Teton Sioux Tribe

    Teton Sioux Tribe
    Experience with the Teton Sioux tribe who demand one of the expedition's boats as a toll to travel further upriver. Chief Black Buffalo calmed the situation before any fighting occurred. The expedition stayed with the tribe for three more days. Clark noted in his journal that the told the Sioux that he had "more medicine on board his boat than would kill twenty such nations in one day." He also told Black Buffalo that the expedition "must and would go on."
  • Winter at Fort Mandan

    Winter at Fort Mandan
    Fort Mandan is completed and the expedition moves in for the winter. During the winter at Fort Mandan Private Howard was tried by a court-martial for improper conduct after scaling the wall to get back inside the Fort. This was seen as dangerous and improper because it demonstrated to the Hidatsas how easy it was to enter the Fort. According to Lewis’s journal Howard was charged with “Setting a pernicious example to the Savages.” He was found guilty and received fifty lashes.
  • A Baby is Born

    A Baby is Born
    While at Fort Mandan Sacagawea gave birth to baby boy, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Captain Lewis delivered the baby noting "this was the first child which this woman had boarn and as is common in such cases that her labour was tedious and the pain violent."
  • Sacagawea is sick

    Sacagawea is sick
    Lewis rejoins Clark after scouting the Great Falls of the Missouri ahead. When he returns Clark informs him that Sacagawea has been ill for some time. Lewis notes that after examining her that "her disorder originated principally from an obstruction of the mensis in consequence of taking could." He administered “two dozes of barks and opium.”
  • Period: to

    The Portage Around the Great Falls of the Missouri

    See events within this timespan.
  • Preparing for the Portage Around the GreatFalls

    Preparing for the Portage Around the GreatFalls
    At the point where the portage was to begin, Captain Lewis found large cottonwood trees, the only trees of such size for many miles. These trees were ideal for making the wagons in which to carry the canoes and baggage. Without these trees the 18 mile portage would have been much more difficult if not impossible.
  • Deer, Buffalo, Beaver, and Elk

    Deer, Buffalo, Beaver, and Elk
    During their time on the Missouri River there was an ample supply of food provided by the many animals in the area. This was important because without these animals the expedition may have run out of food. It took as much as 300 pounds of meat a day to feed the entire expedition.
  • Shoshone Tribe

    Shoshone Tribe
    Lewis discovers a village of Shoshones and begins negotiations for horses and a peaceful trade is made. Lewis and the Shoshones return east to rejoin Clark and the rest of the expedition and it is discovered that the Shoshone chief
    Cameahwait is Sacagawea's brother. Lewis and Clark decide to name the site Camp Fortunate. Later the expedition sets off again to cross the mountainswith their horses and a Shoshone guide named Old Toby.
  • Present Day Idaho

    Present Day Idaho
    Lewis and Clark in IdahoAfter nearly starving in the mountains the expedition emerges near present-day Weippe Idaho. During this time they were saved from starvation by the Nez Perce tribe who gave them roots, berries, and fish.The camas root made the men very sick.The expedition gave their horses to the Nez Perce to keep until they returned next summer and then set off in canoes toward the Pacific Ocean.
  • Fort Clatsop and the weather

    Fort Clatsop and the weather
    By majority vote the expedition decides to cross to the south side of the Columbia River and build a shelter for winter. The time the spend here is winter 1805-1806. By their own accounts, the members of the expedition were miserable during the damp and cold winter. This is a time in which weather influences the expedition and many members were ill. At Fort Clatsop their interaction with the local Clatsop was not social and was limited to only small trades.
  • On the way home

    On the way home
    May-Late June:
    The expedition reaches the Bitterroot mountains, but must wait for the snow to melt before crossing. During this time the expedition stays with the Nez Perce again and Lewis describes them as "the most hospitable, honest and sincere people that we have met with in our voyage." They traded for horses and guides for the trip over the Lolo Pass. The help given by the Nez Perce was critical to getting the expedition back across the mountains.
  • Blackfeet tribe warriors

    Blackfeet tribe warriors
    While making their way back to the Missouri River, Lewis' partyencounters eight Blackfeet warriors. They camp together, but on the morning of the July 27th the party catches the Blackfeet attempting to steal their horses and guns. During a fight to get the horses and guns back, two of the Blackfeet were killed.