the unification of italy

  • the break up of then austrain empire

    it brought together so many people and countrys and the purssia defeated austrain
  • rulers

    it was ruled by the Mediterranean region and it is very much Western Europe in ancient Rome.
  • the rulers & italian state

    papal state- pope Naples- Sicily Bourbon monarch-
    Lombardy, Venice, -Tyrol Austria-Hungary
    Parma,- Modena, other states Hapsburg monarchs
  • 1852 count camillo di cavour

    In 1852, Count Camillo di Cavour became prime minister of Sardinia a kingdom that included both the island of Sardinia and the Piedmont region of northern Italy
  • sardinia fought & attack on austria

    Sardinia fough on the side of British & French in the Crimean War. Having thus formed a friendship with France, Cavour joined Napoleon III in an attack on Austria.
  • france declared war on purrsia in 1870

    France declared war on Prussia in 1870, distractting French troops left Rome by itself. They left the pope noth deffended, & the Italian army immediately marched in to complete the unification process