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The Tote Documentary

By mattais
  • Filming Begins

    Natalie Van Den Dungen begins filming after returning to Melbourne and realising how vibrant its music scene was, that she wanted to document it in some way. Natalie eventually decided to single out the Tote rather than the whole scene.
  • Producer Nicole Rogers becomes involved in documentary

  • Rally Outside the Tote

    A group of a few thousand people gathered In protest to the Tote's closure.
  • SLAM Rally

    Protesters and musicians gathered at Swanston Street for the 'Save Live Australian Music' Campaign. They protested the Government's classification of live music venues as 'high risk', which lead to increased licensing fees and security costs causing the closure of the Tote.
  • Melbourne International Film Festival

    Director, Natalie Van Den Dungen hopes to have a shortened version of the Tote Documentary ready to premiere at the Melbourne Film Festival.
  • State Election 2010

    Filmaker of 'The Tote Documentary', Nicole Van Den Dungen is keen to have the final version of the film released well before this date, so that it can have some influence on changing the Liquor Licensing Laws that forced the closure of the Tote.