The Tossers

  • The Tossers form

    The Tossers form
    The Tossers form. Members include Tony Duggins, Bones, Aaron Duggins, Dan Shaw, Brian Dwyer, and Lynn Bower.
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    Tony Duggins

    Lead Singer and Mandolin player.
  • Period: to

    Aaron Duggins

    Tin Whistle Player
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  • Period: to

    Dan Shaw

    Dan "Paddy" Shaw played bass
  • Period: to

    Brian Dwyer

  • The Pint of No Return

    The Tossers first full-length album is released.
  • We'll Never Be Sober Again

    We'll Never Be Sober Again
    The Tossers second record is released. Tracklist
    1 Waitin' For The Wagon

    2 When You Get Here

    3 Dancin' Shoes

    4 Buckets Of Beer

    5 Aye Sir

    6 Thermometer

    7 I Know Where I'm Goin'

    8 Chelsea Girls

    9 Sleepin' In A Dustbin

    10 30 Days

    11 Irish Whiskey

    12 Fall On The Floor

    13 Everything's Bad

    14 Alone
  • Period: to

    Jason Loveall

    Fiddle Player
  • Period: to

    Clay Hansen

  • Period: to

    Thick Records

    The Tossers released two LPs and an EP on Thick Records
  • Period: to

    Jason Loveall

    Fiddle Player
  • Period: to

    Mike Pawala

    Gutair Player
  • Long Dim Road

    Long Dim Road
    The Tossers release their first record on Thick Records
    1. The Crutch
    2. Litigation
    3. A Night On Earth
    4. The Ballad Of N.A.T.O.
    5. Mad Riot
    6. Long Dim Road
    7. Altercations
    8. Wedding
    9. The Pub
    10. Doctrines Outdated
    11. Ciara
  • First League Out From Land [EP]

    First League Out From Land [EP]
    The Tossers release a 5 track EP on Thick Records
    1. The First League Out From Land

    2. Dicey Riley

    3. Donegal Danny

    4. Seven Curses

    5. Rockin My Life Away
  • Period: to

    Rebecca Brooke Manthe

  • Purgatory

    1. With The North Wind, Here We Go Again
    2. Ballad of a Thoughtful Rover
    3. Nantucket Girls Song
    4. Come Dancing
    5. Caoin (Lament)
    6. The Squall
    7. Chicago
    8. Monday Morning
    9. First League Out From Land
    10. Minutes on a Screen
    11. Purgatory
    12. Time to Go
    13. Memory
    14. Faraway
    15. Ni Thabharfaidh Siad Pingin Duit
    16. Going Away
    17. The Parting Glass (Hidden Track)
  • Period: to

    Victory Records

    The band signs onto their current label, Victory Records
  • Valley of the Shadow of Death

    Valley of the Shadow of Death
  • Agony

  • On a Fine Spring Morning

    On a Fine Spring Morning
    1. Katie at the Races
    2. Teehans
    3. The Unfamous Paula Spencer
    4. The Rocky Road to Dublin
    5. Whiskey Makes Me Crazy
    6. St. Stephen's Day
    7. 221B/The Sneaky Priest (The Gloria Scott) [Instrumental]
    8. Terry Obradaigh
    9. A Fine Lass You Are
    10. Breandan O Beachain
    11. The Humors of Glandart/Ingenish/On the Fly [Instrumental]
    12. Get Back
    13. Hunger Strike/Harmony
  • Period: to

    Peter Muschong

    Bass player
  • The Emerald City

    The Emerald City
    1.The Rover
    2. Here's To A Drink With You
    3. Emerald City
    4. Wherever You Go
    5. USA
    6. St. Patrick's Day
    7. Bombo Lane
    8. The Break Of Dawn
    9. The South Side Of Town
    10.Where The Beer And Whiskey Flow
    11.God Bless You
    12.Johnny McGuire's Wake
    13.The Fermoy Lasses And Sporting Paddy