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    Timeline of Television

  • The Inventer of the Television

    The Inventer of the Television
    Wikipedia In 1939 Philo Farnsworth invented the television set yet it is still was not satellite powered and was not digital and was all in black and white
  • Evolution

    Sence the 1940's the television has evolved from wired towers to satellite and now digital what else is to come?
  • Blue ray DVD

    Blue ray DVD
    In the early 1970's DVD has come out dont forget about blue ray the new blue ray DVDs hit the stores!
  • The Satellite Television

    The Satellite Television
    In the 1980's the satellite powered television was released to the public as many people were scrambling to get there very own satellite television set.
  • Spongebob

    In 1996-1997 spongebob, a popular television show (NOT ADULTS) for kids is released to the public for all eyes and ears to enjoy!
  • Broadcast

    In the late year of 2000 broadcast television is released to the public for them all to hear and enjoy!
  • Current Update

    Today we currently use the television can be on a plane, in a car, and at your house, you can currently watch the television on your computer to.
  • Hologram Television

    Hologram Television
    The first holographic television set is made but prices raise emediatly!
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