The Telephone

Timeline created by mejorandres
  • First Telephone

    First Telephone
    The first telephone was invented and patented by Alexander Graham Bell in the United States, If Graham Bell hadn´t invented the the telephone probably still would use the telegraph actually
  • First Telephone Company

    First Telephone Company
    In 1877 began commercial development of this service, is created the first telephone company, "The Bell telephone Company". If traders had not created the bell company mankind would not know this revolutionary invention.
  • Evolution of the Telephone

    Evolution of the Telephone
    the demand for this service was very accelerated, many people wanted to have this service. If people didn't use this service, actually the phone hadn't the importance now have.
  • The Desk Telephone

    The Desk Telephone
    Bell developed the company's first phone table. If Bells company hadn't develop that desk telephone probably you would have an old wood telephone hanging on the wall.
  • Electronic in the Telephone

    Electronic in the Telephone
    In this year appears the first telephone with electronic components that make it smaller and appears buttons instead of disk to dial. If the electronic components wasn't introduced in the telephone, we would not have small devices and probably the cell phone doesn't exist.
  • Cordless Phones and Cell Phones

    Cordless Phones and Cell Phones
    in 1980 are the first models of cordless phones and in 1983 appears the Motorola DynaTAC the first movile telephone. if the Motorola DynaTAC hadn´t invented the communications would not be as we know now.