The technology of the 1970's

Timeline created by seventhhour
  • Floppy dics beacmae commerical available

    Floppy dics beacmae commerical available
    predating the internet floppys made so that files could easily moved from computer to computer.
  • Daisy whell printer invented

    now documents could be printed straight from a computer.
  • first intel microprocessor

    first intel microprocessor
    intels 4004 chip was a all in one cpu reducing energy needs and heat generation paving the way for all the tecnology we have today.
  • LCD invented by james fergenson

    LCD invented by james fergenson
    a small victory for computer science.
  • VCR

    VCR began the home theater industry.
  • Pong invented

    Pong invented
    pong was the ancestor to all viidegames currently a multi billinon industry.
  • First word processor created

    computers now could create text documents with greater ability.
  • Hacky sack invented

    by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall.
  • gene splicing

    allowed for dna mulipulation
  • ethernet

    allow for local area networks to be deployed
  • bic invents disposable lighter

    the lighter came before the match
  • post it notes

  • liposuction

    so fat people can be less fat
  • laser printer

    faster printing
  • inkjet printer invented

    more suited for home use
  • MRI

    allows cross section viewing of biological objects