The sun is also a star

Timeline created by presley2003
  • Natasha leaves her apartment

    She leaves to try to prevent her families deportation to Jamaica. A result of a DUI her father received in the past.
  • Natasha arrives at the U.S customs and immigration services

    She gets held up by a security guard and misses her appointment. As a result she gets sent to an immigration lawyer.
  • Immigration lawyer Jeremy Fitzgerald

    Natasha finds out he got in an accident and now has to wait to meet him.
  • Daniel notices Natasha

    Daniel decides to follow her into a used record store.
  • They finally meet

    Daniel and Natasha meet for the first time inside the record store after witnessing a couple stealing in the store.
  • Daniel saves her life

    Natasha leaves but Daniel still follows her and ends up saving her from a car running a red light
  • Daniel convinces Natasha to spend the day with him

    Daniel is convinced he can get Natasha to fall in love wit him in day
  • They spend the day together

    They spend the day going to a restaurant and doing karaoke together. Natasha starts to fall for Daniel.
  • Natasha meets with the Lawyer

    She finds out that he may be able to get her family to sty longer so they wont have to leave the next day. She has to come back that night
  • They stay together for a little longer

    They spend more time together while she waits for her appointment
  • Daniel goes to his interview for Harvard

    The guy interviewing him is also Natasha's lawyer and Daniel finds out Natasha will have to leave.
  • Daniel tells Natasha

    Daniel tells Natasha what he found out ad she gets upset with him. Daniel calms her down
  • They go to Natashas house

    Natasha takes Daniel to her house so she can tell her parents.
  • Natasha leaves

    Natasha and her family go to the airport and Daniel goes too to say goodbye.
  • They meet again

    On a plane the security guard from before thanks Natasha for saving her and Daniel hears and they see each other again.