The Story of World War I from January 1918-November 1918

  • Foch is in Charge of Allied troops

    for the first time the Allied troops worked together under one leader.
  • Austria- the dialy flour ration dropped

    this example, testament of the loss of morale
  • Mutiny in the Austrian Navy at Cattaro

    when we first see the Axis morale suffer a blow...
  • Germany kicked off their Peace Offensive- Made gains on the British in the Somme

    this was a good time for Axis Morale, their last push to victory
  • The Axis powers threatened Allied control of the Channel ports in Flanders

    Was successful, but it pushed the Axis deeper into a salient and allowed the Allied powers to mass around their forces.
  • The Axis broke the French line and reached into the Marne, which was very close to Paris

    Was a good time for the axis, successful, but did not reach the total goal of the Axis power,,,Defeating the allies
  • The last German offensive- attacked in the Marne-Reims Offensive

    the axis powers made no powers and the french counter-attack made the breakthrough. Ludendorff's forces fell back
  • President Wilson addresses his Fourteen Points to the US Congress

    The US begins taking initiative towards world peace and the war
  • The Black Day

    The British Royal Air Force dropped 1,563 bombs and fired 122,150 rounds of ammunition in support of ground forces. This was the beginning of the end for German forces. British Tank attacked east of the Amiens broke German line. German Morale was killed.
  • The British offensive in Flanders began and French captured Asine Heights

  • The Surrender of Bulgaria

    This Caused the Axis powers to realize that they needed to withdrawl from territories and accept social Democrats from the Government in order to pacify the Democrats among the Allies.
  • Germany and Austria send peace notes to US President Wilson

    had enough of war, trying to be on good terms with the United States
  • The new government of Germany requested an armistice based upon the Fourteen Points

    The Axis powers moved one step closer to agreeing with the Allies
  • Germany officially ended submariene warfare

    surrendering, the war effort in the west was maintained and war on the western front ends.
  • Naval crews at Kiel began to mutiny in protest against orders to resume opperations at sea

    The people are tired of the war, go againt orders. ---seen as the spark that caused the German Revolution
  • Turkey signs armistice

    it was broken by the british campagins in the middle east, this shows that the eastern front was collapsing.
  • Turkey made peace with the Allies

    Conditions of the east were so bad that Turkey resorted to relations with the Allies.
  • The Chechs, Yugoslavs and Hungarians declare independence from Austria Hungarian Empire

  • The German republic was proclaimed in Berlin by social Democrats

    Germany settles into allied form of government, going through social change, becoming more modern
  • World War One armistice signed and Kaiser Wlhelm advocates his throne

    Germany was to hand over its fleet and stocks of war material.
    Germany had to evacuate all territories on the west and on the left bank of the Rhine. Germany had to annull peace treaties made with defeated Russia and Romania....Germany was contained. ---Wilhelm asked to leave by the people
  • Period: to

    American Forces counter-attack German forces at Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood

    Hard time for Axis powers, forced out of power at Belleau Wood