The Story of an Hour

  • Event 1

    We are informed of Mrs. Mallard's heart problems and find out that her husband has just died in a railroad accident.
  • Event 2

    Mrs. Mallard grieves at the news of her husband's sudden death and retreats to her room alone.
  • Event 3

    Mrs. Mallard notices the beauty and freedom of nature in the spring.
  • Event 4

    Mrs. Mallard begins to like the idea of freedom and realizes how much she's longed for independence.
  • Event 6

    Mr. Mallard enters the house causing Mrs. Mallard to die as a result of the disappointment his being alive brought her.
  • Event 5

    Mrs. Mallard's sister, Josephine, comes and checks on her and insists that Mrs. Mallard come out of her room so that she doesn't, "... make [herself] ill."