The Skylab

By 143JB
  • Project Horizon

    Project Horizon
    Progect Horizon gave the scientst ,Wernher Braun, the idea of an orbiting labratory in space.
  • Air Force

    Air Force
    Air force decides to put a building in space that will help with competition.
  • Saturn S-IVB

    Saturn S-IVB
    The astronauts were scared because of the hydrogen level in space, but they were determined to put Skylab in space.
  • Skylab launches

    Skylab  launches
    Skylab was sent into space on May 14, 1973. It was launched by a Saturn V rocket.
  • Saturn V

    Saturn V
    The Saturn V rocket left Earth on February 8, 1974 with Skylab.
  • Skylab's reentry to Earth

    Skylab's reentry to Earth
    On June 11, 1979 Skylab fell out of orbit and leftover pieces from it were found in Western Australia