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  • 1960

    John F. Kennedy is elected president of the United States.
    The Beatles started they first gig in Hamburg.
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    The Beatles music, became to special soundtrack of the 60s. Many changes happened then still affect our lives today.
    Here there is a small list:
  • 1961

    Yuri Gagarin is the first man to travel to outer space. It is the beginning of the "space race" between USA and USSR. President Kennedy promises the Americans that they´ll put "a man on the moon" before the end of the decade.
    The Killer Brian Epstein discovers the Beatles.
  • 1962

    Telstar relayed the first live transatlantic television transmission.
    The first video game in history, Spacewar, is developed..
    Ringo Starr joins the band
  • 1963

    President Kennedy is shot to death in November in Dallas, Texas.
    The first video tapes for domestic recording appear-
    The Beatlemania starts.
  • 1964

    The protest for Civil Rights, led by Marthin Luther King, grow in USA.
    The Beatles´s first trip to USA anf first shows on American tv take place.
  • 1965

    American troops start a fight in the Vietnam war.
    The Beatles play in the Shea Stadium, Nueva York, the first rock concert in the history celebrated in a Stadium
  • 1966

    Fashion for young people continues developing as an integral part of a young culture that grows all over the world.
    The Beatles take a three-month break to record "Revolver".
  • 1967

    The first colour TV sets for domestic use appear in Europe.
    The first heart transplant is sucessfully performed.
    A young movement that promotes the values of peace and love starts.
    Its members dress in multicoloured clothes and are called "hippies".
    Many of them are Beatles fans "Sgt Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band" is published.
    The Beatles are protagonists of the first concert that is broadcast on TV at the same time all over the world.
  • 1968

    Demonstrations spread against the Vietnam War and against the threat of a nuclear war between USA and USSR.
    The Beates travel to India for a meditation course.
  • 1969

    Nell Armastrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon on board The Apollo 11. They are the first humans to step on its surface.
    The first prototype of internet is created.
  • 1970

    Depsite international demonstrations in favour of peace, the Vietnams war continues until 1975.
    The Beatles split up and they start their solo careers.