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The Second Half Of The Antebellum Era: 1836-1860

  • Northwest Ordinance

    Northwest Ordinance
    The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was the settlement of the Northwest territory and the policy for the addition of new states to the nation. When the population reached 5,000, residents could elect their assemply but the governer would retain veto power. When 60,000 settlers resided in a territory , they could draft a petiton to become a full state. Within the new territories, the ordincance provided public education, civil liberties and prohibited slavery.
  • Northwest Ordinance of 1787

    Northwest Ordinance of 1787
    The Northwest Oridance of 1787 afftected the Civil War as it created tension from the South. People from the south were pro-slavery that relied on the labor from their slaves. Southerners will oppose and be bothered by this ordincance that did not allow slavery.
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    Maine's road

    British built a road,but it crossed in Maine's terriotory,so they had a s=small Lumberjack war between them and U.S pioneers.A few pioneers and small militia fought for land.Eventaully British sold land to U.S cause didn't want a bigger war and they already had enough money from their trading system in Maine anyway.
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    The Second Great Awakening Continued

    The second great awakening had affect on the cival war because, if it was not due to the awaking the war pressumely wouldn'r have happened. The second great awakening had people rethinking on the values and aspect of their religion, and what was right and wrong to do, and slavery was a major topic. The people who thought slavery was a sin, America wouldn't be cleansed and free of sins until slavery was away for good created the abolitionist groups who demanded for slavery to end.
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    The Second Great Awakening

    The second great awakening was the revival of the strong feelings people had for their religion. This awakening exempted pre-destination and following the path of the enlightment on its views. The people of the second great awakening founded that the church shouldn't have the higehst overarching power,and that the people should be given the right to decide on their religion too. In result many smaller religions expanding under the christain church.
  • Anglo-Amer Canvention

    Anglo-Amer Canvention
    it was an international treaty signed in 1818 between the United States and the United Kingdom. Signed during the presidency of James Monroe, it resolved standing boundary issues between the two nations. The treaty allowed for joint occupation and settlement of the Oregon Country, known to the British and in Canadian history as the Columbia District of the Hudson's Bay Company, and including the southern portion of its sister district New Caledonia.
  • Florida Treaty

    Florida Treaty
    Spain gave part of ownership of Oregon due to this treaty which was signed by John Quincy Adams and Onís y González-Vara.
  • The Missouri Compromise Continued

    The Missouri Compromise Continued
    The effect the missouri compromise had on the civil war was that before maine developed statehood and the compromised was reached the south and the north was in a heated debate. The south thought that the government should not restrict slavery since it is needed in order for reveenue to be created. However the north thought that slavery was an evil sin,and it should be stopped with any new states that were forming. That's when the compromise caim and lines were drawn and the numbers of slave/fre
  • The Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise
    The missouri compromised which was reached in 1820 was the debate on weather or not to defy the unions idea. The compromised started out with missouri getting statehood, and wanting to join in as a slave state however that would make the slave/free states unequal. In the end congress said that main will join in as a free state in order to keep the numbers in equal. at this time the 36 30 line was set and said all all states under the line are slave states and all above are free.
  • Russi-Amer Treaty

    Russi-Amer Treaty
    Russia gave up ownership of oregon to U.S in this treaty.Ththey agreed to move Russian border to 54 40 line.
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    Annexation of Texas/Texas Revolution

    Mexico wouldn't recognize Texas as an independent state,so the U.S helped them get away from them.Mexico charged the U.S for "despoiling Texas",but since Texas wanted to get away.The U.S didn't despoil anything.They eventaully pulled away from Mexico and joined the U.S as an official state.
  • John Tyler

    John Tyler
    John Tyler became the 10th president of the United States , right after the death of President William Henry Harrison. Tyler , a whig , was pro-bank, pro-protective tariffs, and pro-internal improvements. Tyler signed the law to end the independent treasury system but vetoed attempts to create a fiscal bank. As a result , Tyler was criticized as "His Accidency" and as an "Executive Ass". Among his administration's accomplishments was the annexation of Texas in 1845.
  • Zachery Taylor's Treaty

    Zachery Taylor's Treaty
    Zachery Taylor made a treaty for Texas.He despaired of securing the 2/3 vote for treaty of the senate.This sooner allowed Texas to become part of the U.S and an official state.
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    James.K.Polk President

    had 4 main goals for his presidency.he wasn't like much,he was hated by a lotof people.He wasn't that smart either.He did show a lot of agression,and didn't remain president very long,so that can tellyouhow much he cared to be president and how much people "loved" him.
  • U.S Oregon

    U.S Oregon
    Britian sold Oregon to U.S,but not right away like the others.They had the Hudsan Bay Company running.They were making countless money trading with the indians.Eventau;;y,Polkwasn'tgoing togive up without a fight.Britain Pioneers rolled out before any major casaulities mainly because the number of pioneers.Britain basically didn't want a war,espically one they know they can't win.Britain decided to sell it to the U.S,espically since they had a lot of money from their trading company.
  • Polk provokes war

    Polk provokes war
    Polk ordered 4,000 men under General Zachery Taylor's command to march from Nueces River to Rio Grande..His plan didn't work so he told congress prepare war on Mexico for unpaid taxes and rejection of John Sidell.Mexicans killed 16 of Taylor's men for "Trespassing" and the war begun and the fact that Polk said that the murder of his soldiers happened on American soil.
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    Mexican/American War

    It was a war of territory.Mainly Texas and California which soon turned into a bigger problem.Polk provoked this wasr because the mexicans wouldn't sell it to him no matter what he offered.
  • Walker Tariff

    Walker Tariff
    Made by Robert J Walker to help Polk with another goal that he planned.It was designed to lowered tariffs from 32% to 25%.Argued over to pass it by Congress and Middle-staes/New England.Congress wanted to keep it because it was good for Revenue.New England and middle-states argued that it would destroy the manufactoring buisness.It really didn't mattter in the end anyway.The argument was pointless because It was overuled to pass by president polk.
  • Polk wants peace

    Polk wants peace
    Polk was in deep with the Mex/Amer war.About 2 years in the war he was scared he was going to lose and he couldn't take that chance.He thought he can get peace from Mexico,but they denied him,sohe thought he can bribe themor buy peace from them.He offered them $2million to them to stop the war.They denied him again and thats when he truly knew that it was going to be a long war.
  • Wilmot Proviso

    Wilmot Proviso
    David Wilmont was a Democratic Representive from Pennsylvania who created an amendment against slavery.The amendment says no slavery or black people can exis wouldcould be in any territory to be acquired from Mexico in the Mexican War or in the future,including Mexican Cessian.The North and the South both didn't like his idea and thought it was the most idiotic idea that ever came to mind.
  • Restoration of Independent Treasury

    Restoration of Independent Treasury
    It Was requested by the whigs tin 1841.they mainly requested it because they claimed being oppressed countless times.The Whigs also (if not already) were tearing apart in 2 groups.The seperation of the Whigs wasn't that strong yet,sothey had no reason to be scared.Polk was fine with the iideal and passed it in 1846.
  • Treaty of Gautaloupe

    Treaty of Gautaloupe
    Chief Clerk of State Department Nick.p.trist and General Winfield Scottwas sent by President Polk to make a truce with spanish dictatar Santa Anna sign the treaty of gaudaloupe.The treaty allowed the U.S to get texas,oregon,and california.Mexico got $15 million for the land they gave up and $3.25 million of debt owed by the Mexican government to U.S. citizens.
  • Seneca Falls Convention Continued

    Seneca Falls Convention Continued
    The Seneca Falls convention affected the Cival war because, all of the new ideas of women being able to vote and have the same rights as men came on pretty strong until the civil war. During the convention, it was a very heated debate and some thought that these actions will leave a burning name for women in history. However as the war trailed closer the idea was put to a postpone, due to the fact that the fight for slaver/anti-slavery was more important at the time. This women's movemnt didn't
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    The seneca falls convention was held on july 19, 1848 and was headed by Elizabeth cady stanston. The conevntion argued upon rights that are given to men and not so to women. The task of the convention was to draw up the declaration of sentiment,a that dictates that men and women were created equal, and there for should have the same rights, and one of them being the right to vote.
  • Acquistion of California and Settlement of Oregon

    Acquistion of California and Settlement of Oregon
    Polk promised in his presidental campaign of 1846 toconquer all of California and Oregon.These were alsopart of his goalin his presidency.It didn't really happen as soon as he hoped,but he eventaully acheived it.He bought oregon from the British after threatening themwith war.They ended up getting california after Mex/Amer War.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    A woman named Harriet Beecher Stowe created this novel to combat against the slavery conditions in the south. The novel tells of the harsh treatment and "evils" of slavery. Also in the book it explains of the inhumanity that the slaves had to go through. Some of the inhumane events that took place were splitting up slave families, harsh labor, and cruel punishments for disobediance. The novel had became very popular and led many northern Americans to see slavery as a bad thing.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin (Continued)

    Uncle Tom's Cabin (Continued)
    This novel impacted the rise o the civil war by furthering the disagreement of slavery between the north and south. In the north, the novel was very popular and increased the cause to fight against slavery in the United States. However, in the south the book was banned as it became a threat and the book angered many southerners as they were viewed as cruel people. The novel created high tensions and became a important factor to the cause of the civil war.
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    Bleeding Kansas (Continued)

    This impacted the path to civil war by elevating the tensions between the north and south over the territory in Kansas. The feud still continued if Kansas would be a slave state or free state but soon the Kansas-Nebraska act was created, which made the decision of Kansas to be free or not, based on votes from the two groups. Immediately, the proslaveryites of the south started to move to Kansas to vote to make it a slave state, thus angering the abolitionists in the north making the feud worse.
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    Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas was the confrontation of the north and south over the territory in Kansas to become a free or slave state. The north wanted Kansas to become a free state so the south wouldn't take all the land for slaves to make nonslave-holders inferior in work opportunity. The south wanted Kansas to become a slave state because they believed in the right to bring property with them to the new area, referring to slaves as their property.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act
    created by steven douglas.Advocates popular soverienty.Allows people in the state to vote for their own state to be a free state or slave state.It was created in 1854,but it was also partially created in compromise of 1850.
  • Charles Sumner

    Charles Sumner
    Charles Sumner was a senator of Massachusetts who was a leading abolitionist. He was also one of the most disliked members in the senate as his personality was cold, humorless, intolerant, and egotistical. Charles was highly known for his insults against the proslavery states and even gave a speech on the situation of Kansas, titled "The Crime Against Kansas" which covered on the subjects of how slavery was inferior to the north.
  • Charles Sumner (Continued)

    Charles Sumner (Continued)
    Charles impacted the path to civil war by inspiring the north. After he gave his speech, he insulted a senator of South Carolina named Andrew Butler who was proslavery. In retaliation a relative of Butler who was also a senator of South Carolina named Preston S. Brooks attacked Charles with a cane until he was unconscious. This outraged the north as they saw the south as a bully for the caning of Charles Sumner and they continued the spread of ideas started by Charles which angered the south.
  • John Brown

    John Brown
    John brown was a dedicated abolitionist who moved to Kansa after being involved in many suspicious dealings. While in Kansa he brooded over the recent event of the attack on the town of Lawrence, where proslavery raiders shot up and burned part of the town, thus retaliating by leading a band of his followers to Pottawatomie Creek and hacking five men who were accused of being proslavery.
  • John Brown (Continued)

    John Brown (Continued)
    John Brown impacted the path to civil war of the United States by starting the Kansa civil war. The civil war in Kansas started as soon as the Pottawatomie Creek massacre event took place. The proslavery southerners immediately retaliated to the event and it eventually escalated, thus continuing the Kansa war until it merged with the large scale civil war.
  • The Panic Of 1857 continued

    The Panic Of 1857 continued
    This affected the civil war because. if one group is jealous of the other becasue they are doing better than war was inevitable. The north was all about industrialism and no slaver, and the south was agriculture and pro-slavery. If one group sees the other doing better they will be jealous and start something that will lead to war.
  • The Panic Of 1857

    The Panic Of 1857
    the Panic of 1857 was caused by the inflation of California gold, overproduction of grain, and the over-speculation of railroads. This panic was not as bad as the 1837 one however many were effected. The north was damaged heavily, because they are not an agriculture based area, and the south were, so they were less affected, thanks to cotton.
  • Dred scott court case

    Dred scott court case
    Dred Scott sued the emersons in order to gain freedom for him and his family. He claimed that his owner moved him to an area where slavery is illegal therfor he is free now. Dred Scott's case went all the way to the supreme court,however the court was not in his favor, and very biased.
  • Dred Scott Court Case Continued

    Dred Scott Court Case Continued
    This event affected the civil war because any result in the case would have left one group either the south or north very angry.If the case resulted in Scott being freed, the south would have been very angry because it might affect other slaves too. If he was forced into slavery again, the north would have been very angry because he already moved to a state were slaverry was illegal.
  • Lincoln Douglas Debates Election Of Lincoln

    Lincoln  Douglas Debates Election Of Lincoln
    During this time, when Abraham Lincoln was running for the Illionis sentorial election and after being a whig politican in the illonis legislature. In 1858 Lincoln meet up with Douglas and challeged him to a series of joint debates and Douglas accepted the challege and the debates were arraged from august to october of 1858. And because of this, the freeport doctrine was made.
  • The Great Debate : Lincoln Verus Douglas

    The Great Debate : Lincoln Verus Douglas
    This was considered as one of the most famous debates, the illinois freeport debate. The debate was all about whether slavery should be voted for. The freeport doctrine was for new territories having the choice to choose for themselves whether or not to allow or out-law slavery in their territory. While the freeport question was Douglas response to the doctrine, on whether it should be the court or the people who should decide the future of slavery in territories.