The search for 'Clock Man'

Timeline created by Guadarrama Padilla
  • Start of the search.

    Start of the search.
    In an internet forum, a user called ComanderSanta asks for help to find an animation which he was afraid of as a child. This user mentions that it is probable that it does not exist since almost nobody remembers anything about this animation.
    The user gives a description of how the animation was, this with the aim of facilitating the search. Thanks to several comments this case went viral.
  • Name of the program.

    Name of the program.
    Thanks to several people who in a certain way remembered the animation, we were able to find the tv program, which was called PinWheel, this program was a compilation of several animations and was transmitted in nickelodeon. The problem was that the vast majority of episodes of this series were lost, this made it more difficult to find the episode of the Clock Man.
  • Did the episode really exist?

    Did the episode really exist?
    Many people at this point had abandoned the search for the episode, as people could not trust a simple story from an unknown user on the Internet, to the point that they labeled this story as Creepypasta (Creepypasta is the word given to horror stories or Internet myths).
  • First track

    First track
    In this part, a user finds what would be the first clue that the episode really existed. This clue was based on the fact that a 4chang user had published a post in 2004, this post related three scary episodes of PinWheel and among them there was one which was very similar to the episode he was looking for. This fact disproved the rumors that the episode never existed.
  • Lost Hopes

    Lost Hopes
    Until this time the search for the episode had been abandoned due to lack of interest, this led ComanderSanta to withdraw from the internet forums until nothing new was known about the episode.
    In this same year another user called Daycaite would start his own research.
  • Second track

    Second track
    An e-book is found in which several data of all PinWheel workers are found. Thanks to this, Louis Fortune (executive director of the program) was hired, who said that he did not remember any episodes similar to the one being investigated, which led the investigation to a dead end.
  • Fake Video

    Fake Video
    A video came out which was similar to the episode we were looking for, but when we sent it to ComanderSanta it was discarded.
  • Fake News

    Fake News
    This year was when more false information came out about the video search, fortunately ComanderSanta was debunking all those myths.
  • Final Track

    Final Track
    An Internet user was looking for cartoons on a website called WorldCat, which was a site for children's cartoons. In this website he found a chapter which led to a video on youtube, out of simple curiosity he clicked and found the much sought after video, this user sent the video to ComanderSanta who confirmed that this was the episode he was talking about.
  • The end

    The end
    A user contacts A/V Geeks, which is an association dedicated to preserving animated short films. This association managed to find the English dubbing of the animation, ending the search for Clock Man