The Roaring 20's

By m30019
  • Eighteenth amendment goes into effect

    Eighteenth amendment goes into effect
    economic, cultural. Prohibited the manufacturing, import and export of alcoholic beverages. It turned out to be a very giant failure because regular people were able to obtains alcohol in night clubs and saloons. Also, large criminals arose that would import alcohol, like Al Capon.
  • Treaty of Versailles signed

    Treaty of Versailles signed
    Political, Economic. Treaty signed between alliance and entenete that ended world war 1. United States, Great Britain, France gained sovereignty over Germany, and dismantled their military and government. European States obtained reperations for their damages in world war 1, and oppressed the Germans.
  • Harlem Renaisannce

    Harlem Renaisannce
    Cultural. The cultural, social, and artistic explosion that took place in Harlem towards the end of World War 1. Harlem became the center of black writers, artists, musicians, photographers, poets, and scholars.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti Arrested

    Sacco and Vanzetti Arrested
    Political. Sacco and Vanzetti were Italians that were convicted of the murder of a guard and a paymaster during a robbery. They believed in anarchism, and due to spreading nativisim and fear of communism, they were convicted because they were italians, and because they believed in anarchism.
  • Nineteenth Amendment ratified

    Nineteenth Amendment ratified
    Cultural, Political. The end of women suffrage, and the beginning of independence. Over years of fighting the government, activist and various parties were successful in prohibiting that no US citizen will be denied the right to vote on the basis of their sex.
  • Marcus Garvey participates in Negro People of the World Parade

    Marcus Garvey participates in Negro People of the World Parade
    Political, Cultural. Marcus Garvey was the founder of Universal Negro Improvement Association, that was created for protecting black lives. He created a big organization that spread throughout many states and projected the message of African-American to resettle in Africa.
  • Commercial Radio Broadcasting begins

    Commercial Radio Broadcasting begins
    Political, Economic, Cultural. The sponsorship of privately owned corporate media to broadcast television and radio broadcasting. Over righting state sponsorship, private media gave people independence and liberty, rather then being controlled by the government. Thus, began the rising of several large industries in film making.
  • Emergency Quota Act passed

    Emergency Quota Act passed
    Political, cultural. Restricting the number of European immigrants. Americans feared that Europeans were not fit into the american society due to the mentality of nativisim, and they were going to demolish american values and rights. The law states that no more then 3% of immigrants in any country can migrate to america every year.
  • Warren Harding Elected

    Warren Harding Elected
    Political. 29th President of the United States. His main goal was "return to normalcy." He wanted to make america normal again, the same way it was before.
  • Washington Naval Disarmament Conference

    Washington Naval Disarmament Conference
    Political. Conference held in Washington by President Harding. The purpose of the conference was the disarmament of the navy and to resolve the problems in East Asia. Nine-Power pact was signed which recognized China's sovereignty and independence, territorial integrity and gave all nations the right to do business equally.
  • Louis Armstrong plays in King Creole Jazz Band in Chicago

    Louis Armstrong plays in King Creole Jazz Band in Chicago
    Cultural. He is world famous for his improvision in jazz, and he was the first artist to introduce America to the style of swing. He influenced music in this era, that made people enlightened, a new jazz style. He adds a new style to the american culture, which influences other growing artist to begin composing jazz and living in the rythmn.
  • Teapot Dome Scandal

    Teapot Dome Scandal
    Economic. A infamous bribery incident that took place in the United States. President Harden transferred supervision of the naval oil-reserve lands from the navy to the Department of the Interior. He was able to turn over the rights using his higher authority, and till today the navy does not have full control of their reserves.
  • Bessie Smith sell's a million recording of "Down Hearted Blues"

    Bessie Smith sell's a million recording of "Down Hearted Blues"
    Cultural. Blues song composed by a jazz composer. Bessie Smith is the first black women singer to sell a million recordings. Her song is often referred to as the song of a century. She was influenced by Jazz player Louis Armstrong.
  • Dawes Plan

    Dawes Plan
    Economic. Short term conomic benefits to the German economy and softened the burdens of war reparations. Stabilizing the currency, it brought increased foreign investments and loans to the German market. But, it made the German economy dependent on foreign markets and economies.
  • Calvin Cooldige speech "The Business of America is business"

    Calvin Cooldige speech "The Business of America is business"
    Economic. He believed that government should interfere as little as possible with businesses. This was designed to benefit the business, and that involvement and regulations brought down the business.
  • The Great Gatsby is Published

    The Great Gatsby is Published
    Cultural. The story primarily concerns a young millionaire and his obsessive desire for a girl. The Great Gatsby theme is about social change, and a new uprising era in the United states which illustrates the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties. The great gatsby is a film that has played a great role in people vision of the 20's, it is a time to america grew into a more modern era.
  • Scopes trial

    Scopes trial
    Cultural. Scopes was a Highschool teacher that opposed teaching his students the scriptures of the bible. He fought in court in order to make textbooks in schools based on science. He argued the case of evolution and people are evolutionized from monkeys.
  • Alain Locke publishes The New negro

    Alain Locke publishes The New negro
    Cultural. This book contains fiction, poetry, and essays on African and African-American art and literature. His book is consisted of the many new arts that came out of the Harlem renaissance and the new Negro movement.
  • Langston Hughs published the Weary Blues.

    Langston Hughs published the Weary Blues.
    Cultural. This book is consisted of many poems by Hughs that are put together in a poem. The poems are all about the new Negro Movement, it is the uprising of African-Americans.
  • Route 66 constructed

    Route 66 constructed
    Cultural, Economic. The route 66 connects the coast of California to the northern central US. It is the spreading of cultures that is the first stop of America uniting. People can migrate and transport things across the US. It is the birth to several industries and business, and a new pop culture of people dreaming of going to the west coast.
  • Charles Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic in the spirit of st. Louis

    Charles Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic in the spirit of st. Louis
    Cultural. the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight from Long Island, New York, to Paris, and France. He was contested in a race in which he won the $25,000 Orteig Prize. He was the first person to travel throughout the world in a solo airplane, he broke barriers that nobody had imagined, and it created the path to a new technological era.
  • Model T. costs $290

    Model T. costs $290
    Economic, Ford is the first motor vehicle company in the US. The model T would have been expensive for several Americans, although was rather a good price. Many people had cars, and many other companies began developing their vehicles. The model T was another way that contributed to the developing motor and steel industry.
  • Babe Ruth hits 60 home-runs

    Babe Ruth hits 60 home-runs
    Cultural, he set a record that would stand for 34 years. Babe Ruth made baseball popular in America, which is a strong attribute to the American culture. Baseball is considered to be one of America's most patriotic sports, that unite Americans together.
  • The Jazz singer is Released

    The Jazz singer is Released
    Cultural. This film is released based on a boy that loves jazz music, and his father disapproves of him. His father represents old americans, and the boy signifies new culture. This movie is significant in America's culture because it made american's accepting of new beliefs and being part of the jazz movement. A time of jazz music and the uprising in a new era.
  • Disney's Steamboat Willie released

    Disney's Steamboat Willie released
    Cultural. This film is famous mostly because it was amazing because of the new and modern use of technology. This is because it was the first sound cartoon. It represents change and developing media entertainment in the 20's.
  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

    Kellogg-Briand Pact
    Political. This is a law created aside of the league of nations aimed at the outlaw of war. The intentions of this law is to abolish war and future activities. This treaty was signed after world war 1 in order to maintain peace.
  • Chrysler Building Constructed

    Chrysler Building Constructed
    Cultural, Economic. There was intense competition in New York in building the largest skyscraper, thus the Chrysler Building was created. It is made as a office building, and is one of the biggest tourist attractions for being one of the tallest buildings.
  • Herbert Hoover is elected

    Herbert Hoover is elected
    Political. 36th President. President Hoover is known for being the president during "Black Tuesday" which was the beginning of the Great Depression.
  • The Great Depression Begins

    The Great Depression Begins
    Economic. The deepest and most piercing effect in the history of America. In the United States, the Great Depression began after the stock market crashed, and wall street wiped out their investors.
  • The Stock Market Crashes on "Black Tuesday"

    The Stock Market Crashes on "Black Tuesday"
    Economic.The U.S. takes a hard hit in their stock market values, when the price of stocks collapsed. It was because of this day that the roaring twenties came to an end, because people were facing years of poverty and unemployment.