The Road to Auschwitz

  • Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany

  • Jewish lawyers/notaries can no longer practice in Berlin

  • First concentration camp established at Dachau, Germany for political opponents

    for political opponents
  • Nazis organize a nationwide boycott of Jewish-owned businesses in Germany

  • Jewish teachers to be discharged

  • First anti-Jewish laws passed. Jews no longer allowed to be public employees.

  • Jews expelled from sports clubs

  • Nazis burn books of those considered un-German, introducing idea of censorship and government control of culture

  • Jews not allowed to use the beach in Wannsee (a lake in Berlin suburb)

  • Jewish wrtiers no longer allowed to write.

    No specific date other than March 1935.
  • Summer Olympic Games are held in Berlin, Germany. Nazis remove anti-Jewish signs from public display and restrained anti-Jewish activities to avoid international criticism.

    Took place August 1st to August 16th
  • Nazi government declared "racial laws," making Jews non-citizens and forbidding marriage between Jews and non-Jews; these acts are commonly known as the Nuremberg Laws

  • Conversion from Judaism to Christianity has no bearing on race-based on birth one was still considered a Jew.

  • Jews not allowed to graduate

  • Aryan and non-Aryan children cannot play together.

    No specific date, just 1938
  • Germany annexes Austria, thousands of Austrian Jews flee due to harsh anti-Jew actions that follow

  • Jewish doctors can no longer practice.

  • Jews to add middle name or "Sarah" or "Israel."

  • In nationwide pogrom (attack) called Kristallnacht, Nazis and collaborators burn synagogues and loot Jewish homes and businesses. About 30k Jewish men imprisoned in concentration camps.

  • Jews not allowed to go to movies, operas and concerts

  • Jews cannot be self employed in any trade.

  • Jewish children no longer allowed to attend public schools

  • Jews had to hand over drivers licenses

  • Jews not allowed to use swimming pools

  • Jews not allowed to take jewelry or other valuables while emigrating

  • Jews to turn in gold, silver, platinum, pearls

  • Jew's last will and testament are no longer valid.

  • German troops invade Poland, marking start of World War ll

  • Jews not allowed to leave their home after 8pm; 9pm in the summer.

  • Jews to turn in radios

  • Nazi government begins program to kill mentally and physicaly disabled people in a "euthanasia" program known as the "T-4 Program."

  • German authorities begin forced deportation of Jews from West Prussia, Poznan, Danzig and Lodz to locations in the General Government (formerly Poland)

  • German troops invade the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France

  • Jews allowed to shop for food between 4pm and 5pm only

  • German mobile killing squads, Einsatzgruppen, were assigned to identify, concentrate, and kill Jews behind the front lines.

    Took place Summer and Fall of 1941
  • German troops invade the Soviet Union

  • Jews over the age of six who reside in Germany had to wear a yellow Star of David in public at all times.

  • Deportation of Jews from Germany to the ghettos of Lodz, Riga, and Minsk begins.

  • Jews no longer allowed to emigrate.

  • Gassing operations began at the Chelmno killing center.

  • Nazi officials meet in Wannsee to organize the Final Solution (mass murder of Jews in Europe)

    Took place in January 1942, no specific date
  • Jews not allowed to purchase newspapers or magazines.

  • Jewish homes have to display "Jewish Star."

  • Jews have to turn in all electrical appliances, bicycles, typewriters, and records

  • First direct deportation to Auschwitz

  • Jews cannot testify in court against Germans.

  • Jews not allowed to buy books