The Progressive Era

  • Wiliam Jennings Bryan Elected to Congress

    BRyan is known for being a great orator, and he often used this skill on the behalf of lowing high tarifs .Which was one ishue fased in the Progressive Era.
  • Period: to

    Robert La Follette is governor of Wisconsin

    Governor La Follette strongle backed a reform program known as the Wisconsin Idea. This became a progresive reform standard in other states.
  • The ILGWU Established

    The ILGWU other whise known as the International Ladies' Garment workers Union worked to refore and make the garment industy a better place to work. During the Progressive Era many unions were formed. A union it self was a progressive idea during this time.
  • Frank Norris Exposes Railroad Coruption

    Frank Norris a muckraker wrote articals for new papers explaining the railroad companies misusew of there power. During the Progressive Era Jornalism like this was quite comon, becuase people were looking for places to refore and show this coruption gave people something to refore.
  • Democracy and Social Ethics by Jane Addams Punblished

    This Book Argued that democracy needed more than they right to vote. She said that in democracy all people needed consurn for the poor. These vews were some of the most basic ideas of progressives.
  • Teddy Roosevelt Inturveans on a Coal Strike

    This is the first time that the government inerveans on a strike on the bzehalf of the workers. A progressive Teddy Roosevelt fight for the wages that the workers wanted. The progressives of the govenment in this time period is shown with this.
  • Newlands Reclamation Act Passed

    This Allowed money made from selling public land to be used for reclamation and irrigation. This is Progressive, because it gives a way for money that is made by the governkment to be used to better conditions fro working people espeshaly farmers
  • Muckrakers, Lincon Steffents, Artical

    In Lincon Steffents' artical for McClure's Magazine he uncovered Corrupion in his local goveenment. This is an example of a muckraker style jornalism
  • Women Laundry Work Reform

    This was a law that was passed limting women laundry workers to only working ten hours a day. During the Progressive Era there was a large amount of business reform similar to this one. the law reformed business, because it made it so workers could not be exploitted into working unreasonable work days
  • Elkins act Passed

    This law prohibitted shipper from acsepting rebates. The reform this brings about makes it so that huge businesses cannot sway shippers to want to ship for them by giving them rebates. during the Progressive Era refore like this would have been typical.
  • The National Child Labor Comitty

    This progressive group that was founded at this time. They are working for refform in social justice. In the form of eliminating or just making conditions safer for the child laborers of they county
  • Upton Sinclair's writing leads to Pure Food and Drug Act

    A muckraker of the Progressive Era Upton wrote about the apoling conditions of meat prodruction. These eye opening works help push for the Food and Drug act of 1906.
  • Hepburn Acted Passed

    This Law let the Interstate Comhers Commition to set railroad rates. Progressives would have like this, because stops the railroads from hiking up prises for small shipments letting small as well as large companies to have equality in railroad.
  • H.G. Wells resines from Fabian Society

    While he wasn no longer part of this refore society. He still spoke for Progressive revform. Being well like by the American people this Speaking For reform made and impact on The Progressive Era.
  • Most States Have Secret Ballots

    Having a secret ballot eliminate being able to put preshure on someone to vote for a certan candidate, because no one knows who the other is voting for. Political revorm like this was strangly suported by progressives in this era
  • Hiram Johnson elected govonor Of California

    Johnson a progressive faut for many ideals of this era. Including helping get such legislation such as woman sufferage, working mans com. laws, and child labor laws passed
  • Mann-Elkins act Passed

    This law gave the Interstate Commerce Commission regulatory power over teliphone and teligraph companies. During the Progressive Era regulation of powerful businesses was strongly suported and fawt for by many.
  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    This fire at the dend of a long six day week led to the death of many works do to a lack of fire exits in the company building. This leads to public service reform in the form of new fire safty laws. Were public safty was a big part of the Progressive Era
  • Woodrow Wilson is Elected

    President Wilson was a democratic that strongly suported reform. He faut for tariff reduction, banking reform Antitrust legislation, and laws to help the working class. These are all issues that progressives suported during this era
  • Minimum Wage laws passed

    This is a Result of an IWW strike that was won by the workers. These are the first wage laws passed in the country. The passing of this law was assosiated with labor refom a big consurn of the progressive movement
  • Eugene Debs Run For Pessident

    Debbs was a strong reformer that suported unions starting a nuber himself was a labor refore leader, and head many of the same ideal held by reform minded people in the Progressive Era.
  • Progressive Party Formed

    This Party gives the progressive people a place in the government. That they can uniffi in and use the joined power to fight for reform and other progrssive ideals.
  • Sixteenth Amendment

    This Amendment makes it legal for the congres to set and colect income tax on the people. This is a form of polictical reform. Insed of having one flat tax that taxes everyone the same income tax lets people get taxes based on what they can afford insed of giving breaks to big buiness
  • The Seventeenth Amendment

    The Seventeenth Amendment is ratifide today. It reforms the election and terms of senators. This is an example of political reform that was common in the Progesive Era
  • underwood tariff Act Passed

    When this act passed tariffs were the lowest they had been in over fifty years. Mnay Progressives of this era would have suported the lowering of teriffs letting hard working people make more money.
  • Federal Trade Commission is Formed

    This Comitty is put in place to help regweulate traide and end corupt pratisses that ocure in it. This Is an example of progressivism, because it made conditions better for the worker which was a huge focus of the movment.
  • Guinn V. U.S.A.

    At the end of this Case the Supeame Court outlaws the Grandfather clause. This clause prohibited the right to vote due to unreasonable recwirerments, such as need to own large amanounts of land. This is one example of corrupt practices that were often reformed during the Progressive Era
  • The Eighteenth Amendment

    This amendment made it ileagal to produse, transport, or posses alchool in any area under the jurustiction of the United States. The eighteenth amendment is fitting for the progressive eva, because it shows how the people were moving for social reform.
  • The Nineteenth Amendment

    Woman are given sufferage the day Of the ratfication of this amendment. Won from the hard work and protests that are often asosated with the Progressive Era. Also an example of polictal reform.
  • Charles Evens Hughes apointed Secrtary of State

    Hughes was a prograssive that Warren Harding apointed Secratary of State. While the Progressive Era was whinding down during this time he still fawt for reform.