The progress of Technology

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    Technology progress
  • Microchip/Intergrated circuit

    Microchip/Intergrated circuit
    If it were not for integrated circuits we would not have mobile phones and laptops
  • PC-Personal Computer

    PC-Personal Computer
    A personal computer (PC) is a computer that is a small size and can be used by individuals.
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    Is used to be able to communicate anywhere, call.
  • CD-ROM

    Is a something you can connect to a computer and insert a disc.
  • Apple Mackintosh

    Apple Mackintosh
    Apple mackintosh is a PC by Apple Inc.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft Windows is an OS-operational system.
  • Internet

    The Internet is a program that allows us to travel in a net of links websites and etc.
  • Java

    Java is a programming language, a way of communicating with computers.
  • YouTube

    YouTube is a website where people can upload videos and songs they own, so that other people can watch them.