The Printing Evolution

Timeline created by T Ajwani
In History
  • 868

    The Diamond Sutra

    The Diamond Sutra
    It was a Buddist book in Dunhange, China that was printed by a slab carved to write one message, so you could write that one message several times
  • 1010

    Bi Sheng

    Bi Sheng
    Separated blocks were developed, so they could be arranged to make whatever you wanted to say, and they could be reused. This was discovered in Yingshan, Hubei, China
  • 1440

    The Gutenberg Press

    The Gutenberg Press
    It was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany. The first thing he used it for was to print out a Latin language Bible.
  • The Iron Printer

    The Iron Printer
    The first press to be made with an iron frame rather than a wood one, was invented by Charles Stanhope. This press could print larger sheet of paper and was more durable
  • The Mechanical Printer

    The Mechanical Printer
    Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical printer
  • Xerox 914

    Xerox 914
    This was a brand new type of printer that could print on demand and could be used everywhere, office, schools, and at home
  • The Laser Printer

    The Laser Printer
    Gary Starkweather invented the first laser printer by modifying a Xerox model 7000 copier
  • The 3D Printer

    The 3D Printer
    The first person to file a patent for this invention was a Japanese lawyer named Dr. Hideo Kodama, but he was denied. Later, in 1986, American inventor Charles Hill was the first to get a patent for this machine.
  • Epson

    This was the first mini electronic printer
  • Future Printer

    Future Printer
    This is how I believe the future printer will look like and it's improvements:
    ~Works faster
    ~Ink last longer
    And these are the functions:
    ~Normal Printing straight from a device
    ~3D printing