The People vs. Goldilocks Blondie

  • Goldilocks Blondie charged of burglary in the third degree.

  • Goldilocks Blondie charged of criminal mischief in the third degree.

  • Bab-ee Brown was annoyed by his mother.

    Because, his mom made porridge on a hot day.
  • Manfred Tin walked to the Browns house.

    While walking past the Berenstein's house he heard screaming, shouting, and growling.
  • Goldilocks Blondie was playing in her kittens on the hearth rug.

  • Tracy predicted that their whold house was left wide open, and said that it's happened before.

  • Bab-ee Brown Bear: True and Complete statement

  • Manfred TIn: True and Complete statement

  • Mary-Louise Bear Brown: True and Complete statement

  • Goldilocks Blondie

  • Fr. Robin Alex: True and Complete statement

  • Tracy Berenstein