Lauryn hill

The Overlook on Lauryn HIll

  • Birth Date Of Hip Hop Legend

    Lauryn Noel Hill was born on May 25, 1975 in South Orange, New Jersey.
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    Growing Up

    Throughout her childhood years, Hill was surrounded by music from her entire family. Mal (father) and Valerie (mother) Hill, had their own Motown albums. Her only and older brother Maylanie Hill, was tremendously talented with the knowledge of how to play a variety of instruments; such as the saxophone, piano, harmonica, drums and guitar.
  • Showtime at The Apollo

    At the age of 13,Hill decided to take action in starting to begin her life dreams. She entered a contest as a singing competitor. The song she chose to sing was "Who's Lovin You" (in her own version) by Smokey Robinson. The crowd didn't support her as she planned at got booed off the stage.