The outsiders

The Outsiders

By hhhhope
  • The Greasers

    The Greasers
    Introduce the main character ,and there are two groups(Socs and Greasers respectively.)Ponyboy Curtis:The novel’s fourteen-year-old narrator and protagonist, and the youngest of the greasers.Darrel Curtis :Ponyboy’s oldest brother. Soda:Ponyboy's happy-go-lucky, handsome brother.Johnny: A sixteen-year-old greaser with black hair and large, fearful eyes.Sandy :Sodapop’s girlfriend.
  • Period: to

    The outsiders

  • The Socs

    The Socs
    Socs play an important role in the story.Cherry Valance :Bob’s girlfriend, she is a Soc cheerleader whom Ponyboy meets at the movies.Marcia:Cherry’s friend and Randy’s girlfriend.Randy Adderson :Marcia’s boyfriend and Bob’s best friend.Bob Sheldon :Cherry’s boyfriend. Bob is the dark-haired Soc who beats up Johnny before the novel begins.
  • Met Charry

    Met Charry
    Ponyboy and other Socs went to the cinema,they met two beautiful girls who named Cherry and Marcia(Socs).Ponyboy talked with them,and found they have more commonly topic. I think the story beginning there .If they don't met Cherry,they won't get in the trouble.Although girls let them understand something they ever though before.
  • The common topic with Cherry.

    The common topic with Cherry.
    They discuss the impression on gang for each other.No man is an island, everyone exist have the meaning in our gang.No one can live along,the gang aslo can't leave anybody.These point let me know we shouldn't selfish.And Cherry tells Pony the different from Scos and Greasers,actually Socs aren't happiness as Greasers thought.They also have many trouble,they are not very bad guys.Although Pony and Cherry lived in two different world,they can see the same sunset.
  • Johnny killed Bob.

    Johnny killed Bob.
    Pony went home late and argued with his brother,he and Jhonny run away from home to the park.At night they met Bob and other Socs,it is obviously,they want to fight with Pony and Johnny. In order to help Pony, Johnny killed Bob. In those year,two children were nervous,they didn't know how to do,and Johnny felt fear and his voice quavered slightly. In our childhood we never met that thing, The darkness of the wrold.
  • Bring help

    Bring help
    They made a plan that they must be escaped. They found Dally. He gave them guns and money.Finally they arrived in Mountain. This experience let them grow up and realized about this world. We have same age with them,but we will never have the same experience. The merciless and darkness of the society let them learned more,sometimes this world is so unfair. Something we can’t understand and something we can’t regret,so we choose faced them.
  • The poem

    The poem
    Pony saw sunset said,”Nothing gold can stay”means whatever how beautiful landscape,it can’t be forever. When Pony was young,this unfair world let he met more difficulties,that made him understand to cherish anything. This time he met Cherry not long time, this bad thing happened,he might felt depressed,he can’t hold the happy things and keep it. I think its’a important point,this indicate what happen next. Some difficulties waited for them.
  • Determined came back

    Determined came back
    Johnny and Pony can’t stand that feeling in the mountain,they determined to admit their crime, and Cherry wanted to help with them,so they came back. This thing described,actually they were goodness children,they still worry about they killed someone. With Cherry’s determination we also know the Socs are not very bad. They have pure friendship that stronger than everything,whatever crime or other mistakes.
  • In the mountain

    In the mountain
    Ponyboy and Johnny have a new haircut avoid others recognize they were playing cards and read the book named<<Gone with the wide>>to waste time. After 5 days,Dally was coming and told them nothing happened during this time. All in all,they have more changed. In the mountain,because they have many time to though about themself. Nightmare around Johnny,he did not like that feeling,Pony was still thought,they struggle in the dilemma. They live alone early unlike us,the family care about us all time
  • The church on fired

    The church on fired
    When they came back,the church on fired,they thought the cigarette butt lead to the fire. So they returned the church and saved children.However Johnny faced jaws of death. Just two children,they run in the church direct,that’s all tell us in this world not only have fight,darkness and merciless,but also have friendship,love and goodness. When they faced dangerous they were not fear,they were not choose escaped. Two children in this complicant world,but they lived a easily life.
  • Juvenil Delinquents Turn Heroes

    Juvenil Delinquents Turn Heroes
    Next day two-bit and Steve went to Ponyboy’s home and told him,the newspapers report their event. They became heroes.They were not suffered punishment. The story tell is they are goodness again.Actually,in this world everyone is not really very bad,it’s all about they have different view of the world,like Socs and Greasers,they care about different things,see the different world,but they are not bad guys.
  • Greasers must failed

    Greasers must failed
    Randy went to Ponyboy’s home,Pony and Randy discussion now they did under that circumstances Randy told Ponyboy he won’t join the fight on night,and they must filed. Randy told Johnny,Bob is not very bad guy,he is so perfect,nobody negate him,so when he met the difficulties he will became crazy. If someone haven’t met any difficulties,he will be weak,like Bob,because of fight,lose his life.
  • 16 years old is not enough

    16 years old is not enough
    Johnny told Ponyboy,he used to want idicotonia,but now he thought he should himself life,and he want to live more time. Many things he had not experience,the sixteen years old is the beautiful time in our life. It’s beginning in our life,many things with us that we never experience it. In the same age with Johnny we are more happier than him,we are so lucky,but Johnny have a bad family and lower social statute the lower education ,the so darkness blocking out the happier times.
  • Won the fight

    Won the fight
    After dinner,the greasers are prepare for the fight. Pony,Soda and Steve had put one more hair oil than was necessary,because they wanted to show that they were greasers. Finally the greasers won the fight. When I read chapter nine,I feel the greasers want to won the fight very much. I also know Pony don’t like fight. When Pony ask the question who killed that Socs, Pony said,”Yes.” he pretending to be proud of it but when he thought of Cherry and Randy got a sick feeling in his stomach.I think
  • Johnny dead

    Johnny dead
    Johnny was dead. Everyone feel very sad and crash. Johnny is a important person in greasers. Some people have special emotion for Johnny. Dally say Johnny is his family and for Pony for spiritual and physical. Everyone make different division.
  • Dally dead

    Dally dead
    Due to an unbearable news,Dally ran outside. Dally rob a grocery stare. Finally policeman shoot dead he. Pony knew Dally is deliberate. Dally was said that he love Johnny more than his family. For Dally,Johnny is so important that if he died,the life is lose significance. When Dally died,the greasers lose one member again.
  • In the end

    In the end
    As a result of Cherry’s and Randy’s testimony,Pony is innocent. Pony can live with his two brothers. When he went to home,he read the book which Pony give his book. He find Johnny remained he letter in book. Johnny wrote that,”don’t be bugged over being a greaser. You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. There is still lots of good in the world”. In this letter,Johnny had regret,Johnny had said”I don’t want to die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t long enough.