The Outsiders

  • Cherry

    before johnny died cherry was the spy for the rumble she told the greasers everything. but ponyboy didnt know she loved bob as much. ponyboy asked her to go see johnny but she couldnt because of bob
  • Drive In scene

    Drive In scene
    Ponyboy,Dally,and Johnny decided to go to the movies and they ran into some soc girls and dally was kind of trying to hit on cherry the soc girl. But he was hittiing on her in a mean way. So this part kind of showed the different personalities of dally, cherry, ponyboy, marcia, and johnny.
  • Runaway

    Ponyboy got into a clash with his brother Darry so he left to runaway he got Johnny they went to the park to cool off. Then a car full of socs pulled up in a corvette and they started to jump johnny and ponyboy. They where going to kill ponyboy so johnny pulled out a knife and killed the soc.
  • Go See Dally

    Go See Dally
    Ponyboy and Johnny had to get away out of town so they wouldnt get taken to a boys home so they went to tell Dally they knew he would be the only one that could get them out of town. Dally gave them a gun and to them the way to a old church where they could sleep and be safe.
  • Burned To Ashes

    Burned To Ashes
    Darry went by the church to check on Ponyboy and Johnny he was telling them what has been happening. He took them out for something to eat he told them about the rumble. They thought of plans but when they got back to the church it was burned down. Ponyboy and johnny went insde to get the children. But johnny got stuck in their and burned.
  • The rumble

    The rumble
    So the gresears and the socs wanted to have this big fight because the kid that johnny killed was a very popular kid. The socs wanted to get the greasers for killing him. But the day off the fight every thing didnt turn out the way they had planned it to.
  • Johnny and darry

    Johnny and darry
    After the rumble darry and ponyboy wanted to go tell johnny the news. So when they told johnny he told ponyboy to stay gold and he died after that darry went crazy. he went and robbed a store and the police was after him
  • ponyboy is sick

    ponyboy is sick
    After johnny and daryy died and the rumble ponyboy was to hurt and he got lightheaded and fainted he had got a concussion. It was to much for ponyboy and made him sick. he was sleep for awhile and he still had to go to court and worry about not getting taken away from his brothers.
  • Randy

    randy came by to talk to ponyboy again about court but he think ponyboy is going to tell them that johnny did the killing. but ponyboy has a different plan. ponyboy is still struggling to believe that johnny is dead.
  • ponyboy is back

    ponyboy is back
    when ponyboy got to school after everything that was happening he wasnt doing so his teacher told him that if he could write a paper he would pass his class. so ponyboy decided to write a paper about being a outsider.