The Other Side Of The Sky

  • Soviets Invade Afghanistan

    The Soviets invade Afghanistan and take control of Kabul, the capital city in afghanistan.
  • Farah is born.

    Farah Ahmedi is born at the height of the war between the Soviets and the Mujahideen.
  • The Soviets leave Afghanistan.

    The Soveits leave Afghanistan after 12 long years of fighting with the Mujahideen.
  • Farah leaves the UN refugee camp.

    Farah and her mother leave the UN refugee camp to rent a very small room in a house in Quetta. Farah has to do hard work to maintain their room.
  • Farah and her mother get accepted to go to America.

    The application was accepted so Farah.
  • Farahs flight to America gets canceled

    Farah and her mother had a flight scheduled to leave shortly before Al-qaida bombed the twin towers and the pentagon, but the flight got canceled because no airplanes were leaving the middle east after that.
  • Farah and her mother leave Islamabad to go to America.

    The flight was delayed but they finally got to leave for The United States of America, along with four other families.
  • Farah gets into drivers ed.

    Farah gets placed in drivers education and shortly into it she switches to a special drivers education center where she can get an adapter so that she can drive like a normal person. She had to get the foot adapter because she was not very good at driving the cars with the gas pedals mounted near the steering wheel.
  • Farah gets a new car

    Farah gets a new Mercedes-Benz for her first car and Alyce bought it for her with her own money.
  • Farah was living in a new apartment.

    Farah and her mother move into a new apartment and Farah also starts going to Wheaton North where she meetswith and international club every wednesday.