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The Orgins Of American Journalism

By Jacob64
  • Period: Jan 1, 1455 to

    Journalism Orgins

  • Jan 1, 1456

    The 1st Printing Press

    The 1st Printing Press
    Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press. This invention allowed the start of early newspapers to be published.
  • The 1st Newspaper

    The 1st Newspaper
    Benjamin Harris founded the first American newspaper called, Public Occurrences, in Boston. This newspaper signified the start of a new American industry committed to delivering news to the American people.
  • 1st Continuous Newspaper

    1st Continuous Newspaper
    John Campbell founded The Boston News-Letter, which was the first newspaper to deliver continuous newspaper.
  • John Peter Zenger

    John Peter Zenger
    The John Peter Zenger case went to court, which later established the right to freedom of the press exercised today freely by all American newspapers.
  • The Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War
    At the start of the Revolutionary War American newspapers faced a new situation: its first reporting on a war. With a determination to keep the American people informed 37 newspapers began publishing stories of the war.
  • First Student Newspaper

    First Student Newspaper
    The first student newspaper called, The Students Gazette, was formed to give voice to the younger Americans of the nation.
  • The Pennsylvania Post

    The Pennsylvania Post
    The Pennsylvania post was founded as the first daily newspaper.
  • The Bill Of Rights

    The Bill Of Rights
    The Bill of Rights was introduced with 10 amendments including the first amendment, which gave the right to freedom of the press. The Bill of Rights along with its amendments was later ratified in 1797.
  • Native American Newspapers

    Native American Newspapers
    The Cherokee Phoenix was formed as the first Native American newspaper.
  • Penny Presses!

    Penny Presses!
    The New York Sun was created as the first penny press. Founded by Benjamin Day penny press newspapers were great newspapers that sold just for a penny!
  • 1st Women Editor

    1st Women Editor
    Cornelia Walter, was appointed editor of the, Boston Transcript, setting the frontier for women in the media industry.
  • Penny Presses Get Popular

    Penny Presses Get Popular
    The New York morning herald was one of the most influential penny presses. In 1841, the Herald had 20,000 subscribers a week!
  • 1st Women cover for Congress

    1st Women cover for Congress
    The New York Tribune appointed, Jane Grey Swisshelm, as the first women to cover Congress.
  • NY Times

    NY Times
    The New York Times founded by, Henry Raymond, would grow to become one of the most highly respected newspapers of the world.
  • The Civil War

    The Civil War
    Reporters used the telegraph for the first time to bring news to Americans during the Civil War.
  • Pulitzer

    Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World was created. This newspaper acted as the leading voice for the Democratic Party and pioneered Yellow Journalism.
  • Linotype Machine

    Linotype Machine
    Ottmar Mergenthaler created the first Linotype machine which was used by the New York Tribune. This machine like the printing press helped the Journalism industry to continue its growth.
  • The Newspapers Influence

    The Newspapers Influence
    In 1895, for the first time the news was influencing countries in their decisions. For example during the U.S.-Cuba crisis many newspapers whipped up a war climate to the pressure the U.S. to go to war with Cuba.
  • 1st African American Newspapers

    1st African American Newspapers
    The Chicago Defender founded by, Robert S. Abbott, was the first African American newspaper. The newspaper helped create the push for racial equality in the U.S.
  • Nickelodeon

    In June of 1905, the first Nickelodeons were made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These shows were created to entertain young Americans and helped start the T.V. era and entertainment industry.
  • The Jungle

    The Jungle
    In 1906, Upton Sinclair published, The Jungle, which made public, the atrocious conditions of a Chicago cattle slaughtering house. This piece of journalism was the first to expose the faults in the American Food system.
  • Radio

    Dr. Lee De Forest invented the first radio in 1906. Forest improved the vacuum tube making possible for the creation of a radio.
  • Transatlantic Communication

    Transatlantic Communication
    Gugliemlo Marconi with collegues created the 1st wireless radio trasmitter. With the signal of the transmitter Marconi was able to communicate across the Atlantic. This technology would pave the way for Americans recieving news from around the world and globalized journalism in the U.S.
  • Growth of Newspaper

    Growth of Newspaper
    By 1910, there were 2,600 newspapers within the U.S. showing the significance it had in American society.
  • Radio

    In 1916 the first radio broadcast was made by Dr. Lee De Forest. This technology brought an exciting new way for Americans to get the news and thus became immediately popular.
  • NBC

    In 1926 the National Broadcasting System Company was formed. This news source became one of the liberal news sources of America.
  • CBS

    In 1927 the Columbia Broadcasting System was formed. Along with NBC and ABC CBS helped show the huge capital growth of the journalism industry.
  • Radio Act

    Radio Act
    In 1927 the Radio Act was passed which allowed for the creation of the Federal Radio Commission. Later the Commission became the Federal Communications Commission which held some administrative power over T.V. and Radio broadcasts within the U.S.
  • ABC

    Mutual Broadcasting Company under NBC was sold in 1934, which later formed the American Broadcasting Company in1945.
  • African American Magazines

    African American Magazines
    The famous African American newspapers the Ebony celebrated its 15th anniversary in 1995.