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The Oregon trail.

  • They left!

    They left!
    Lewis and Clark finally leave! After tons of training and learning what to do in bad situations, they finally left. Everyone was so exited that they just set out for finding more land. That is how it went.
  • The Indian removal act.

    The Indian removal act.
    This was there only unpeaceful time while exploring the West. They came across a Indian tribe that started to scare away the horses. It ended up with gun fires and 1 indian dying, and horses escaping.
  • The indian wars

    The indian wars
    In the Indian wars, India's fought for their land. It was a war that lasted a long time. That was about the Indian wars.
  • pony express

    pony express
    They used horses to deliver mail.It took a long time to deliver the mail.It was very helpful for people to get supplies.It was really cool.
  • Jack's gold rush

     Jack's gold rush
    They didn't have machines.They had to do stuff by hand.They even had fights to get gold.