The Nuclear Bombs

By usaim1
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

  • Albert Einstein sends a letter to US President Franklin Roosevelt about German testing of nuclear technologies

    Roosevelt starts the Manhattan Project to begin research of nuclear projects
  • Beginning of World War II

  • Roosevelt issues orders to begin the Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project was began to research, test and build nuclear weapons which where seen as the ultimate military weapon
  • Colonel Leslie Groves is promoted to Brigadier-General and put in charge of the Manhattan Project. He recruits J. Robert Oppenheimer as Scientific Director.

  • In the New Mexico Desert the first tests where taken on the Nuclear Bomb

    The American Military begin tests to see the power of the Atom Bomb. A 100 ft tower was built to implode the bomb and test its effects
  • A military port in the San Francisco Bay goes up in a horrific explosion killing 323 men, disintegrating two ships and an entire train

  • Dr J. Robert Oppenheimer believed that the bomb was nearly complete

    The Bomb had been worked on in small parts by thousands of scientists across America. The project was top secret so that the Germans would not know that the Americans had began work on it
  • Frankil Roosevelt dies and Harry Truman is named US President

  • The Germans surrender unconditionally

  • The first nuclear bomb was exploded in the New Mexico Desert

    A mushroom cloud 41,000 ft high in the New Mexico Desert
  • The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki take place to bring an end to the war

    was the ultimate showing of power and secured America's domination as a military force following the end of the war
  • The Dismantling of the Manhattan Project