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The Northwest Rebellion

  • Louis Riel Returns

    Louis Riel Returns
    Once again, the Metis were dissatisfied with the treatement they were recieving from the Canadian government, so they asked Louis Riel to once again lead them in battle. He came back from the United States, formed another provisional govenment, and on this date, seized the parish church at Baroche.
  • Battle of Duck Lake

    Battle of Duck Lake
    Early on, Riel realized that there would be a war, so he appointed Gabriel Dumont as his military commander. Dumont decided to use guerrila tactics as his main offence, which worked well for them in this battle. Cree and Metis fighters worked together to win this battle, wrought with amushes, before the full forces of their foe could arrive.
  • Massacre at Frog Lake

    Massacre at Frog Lake
    A band of Plain Cree warriors attack Frog Lake, focusing on Thomas Quinn. Thomas Quinn was an Indian Agent who had treated the Aboriginals with contempt, and overall badly in the past. When he refused to come with them, he was shot. In the chaos that followed, eight other white men were killed. Later, 6 Cree people were executed because of this. (Note that this battle was independent of the Northwest Rebellion.)
  • Battle of Fish Creek

    Battle of Fish Creek
    Once again, the Metis were victorious in this battle. 150 First Nations and Metis amubushed soldiers who were taken by surprise. Soon though, reinforcements arrived. Both parties retreated from the area before many casualties were suffered.
  • Battle of Cut Knife

    Battle of Cut Knife
    Led by War Chief Fine Day, an army of Cree and Assiniboine warriors encounter Canadian soldiers. The Aboriginals practically surround them, but Poundmaker, the Cree chief, persuades the First Nations to retreat, and the casualties are few.
  • Battle of Batoche

    Battle of Batoche
    From May 9-12, the First Nations are effectively defeated. Riel grew impatient with Dumonts slow, but effective, strategy, and ordered his followers to stop the guerrilla tactics and defend Batoche. This proved a fatal error. The Canadian soldiers were able to concentrate their men in Batoche with their full army of 900 men vs. Riel's 300. Riel was arrested and Dumont fled.
  • Frenchman's Butte

    Frenchman's Butte
    The Cree continue their rebellion with a small skirmishs.
  • Loon Lake

    Loon Lake
    A final skirmish on the part of the Cree soldiers, but it is too late. Their Rebellion is over.