Generation rx1 1

The Next GenRxation: Year 1

  • Begin meeting with and researching prospective schools

  • Period: to

    Establishing Relationships and Selecting a school

  • Finalize school. Begin meeting to plan presenation dates

  • Attend First PTO meeting to attract parent involvement

  • Period: to

    Fall Semester

  • Speak at ASP meeting. Recruit P1 vice chairs

  • Senior Presentation #1

  • 9-11th Grade assembly #1

  • Senior Presentation #2

  • Semester Recap

    Begin analyzing data and make adjustements for what did/didn't work for spring semester
  • Semester Kick off meeting

    Delegate new duties for spring. Emphasis on more P1 vice chair responsiblity and involvement. Cultivate future chairs!!
  • Period: to

    Spring Semester

  • Senior Presentation #3

  • 9-11th Grade Assembly #2

  • Senior Presentation #4

  • End of Year Meeting

    Data analysis for year. Decide on plan of attack for future. Reflect on year and make adjustements as needed