The New Republic

By jdowler
  • John Adams

    John Adams
    Opposed stamp act. Helped give out copies of the reverend's sermon.
  • Articles of Conferderation

    Articles of Conferderation
    This article declared America as its own union. This is important because without this there would have been no war.
  • End of the American Revolution

    End of the American Revolution
    This event was significant because America won the fight for freedom. If America doesnt win this war there is no "new republic".
  • Ratification of the Constitution

    Ratification of the Constitution
    This is important because America became the only democratic country. This is important because it is the whole reason the war was fought.
  • George Washington takes office

    George Washington takes office
    This is important because he has to set all the precedents. We still use these precedents today.
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Whiskey Rebellion
    This was pivotal because the government had to decide if they should crush the rebellion. This was a hard decision because America was formed by a rebellion.
  • The Battle of Fallen Timbers

    The Battle of Fallen Timbers
    Is considered the last battle of the Revolutionary war. One of the three major battles that changed the tide of the war.
  • Jay's Treaty

    Jay's Treaty
    This was important because it moved the british out of their forts. It also allowed Native Americans to live in America.
  • Pickney's Treaty

    Pickney's Treaty
    This event is important because it eased the tension between us and Spain. It also defined the boundaries of the United States to Spain.
  • George Washington leaves office

    George Washington leaves office
    This is important because he set all of the precendents and now someone else had to try to run the United States using the precedents George set.
  • XYZ affair

    XYZ affair
    This was important because it caused the Alien Sedition acts. It also caused massive tension between the U.S. and France. Also known as the Quasi-war.
  • Alien Sedtion Acts

    Alien Sedtion Acts
    These were caused by the XYZ affair. Defined who was already a citizen and how to become one if you weren't already. Opposition resulted in the Virginia and Kentucky resolves.
  • Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton
    Started Opposition against the XYZ affair with france. Found a diplomatic solution to solve the war.
  • The Virginia Resolution

    The Virginia Resolution
    Said that states could stop or "interpose" on unconstitutional laws. Laws that were thought to be harmful to the people.
  • Election of 1800

    Election of 1800
    Between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Exposed one of the constitutional flaws that each elector had two votes resulting in a tie.
  • Barbary wat

    Barbary wat
    Jefferson and Madison took action against african pirates. These pirates were from the Barbary states of North Africa.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    When america paid 15 million dollars for the louisiana territory. they bought it from France.
  • Marbury vs Madison

    Marbury vs Madison
    The first time a state court declared a law unconstitutional. The state invalidated the law.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark
    First trans-continental expedition. Was carried out to scout land.
  • British Impressment

    British Impressment
    The british would capture sailors and use them to fight in their wars. They would take anyone from 18-45.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    America fought with Britain because of trade restrictions and impressment of Sailors. The Americans also felt the British were insulting them with events such as the "Chesepeake Affair".
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson
    Founded the University of Virginia. He also helped abolish the slave trade.