The Necklace

  • returning home

    as she looks in the miror after returning from the palace she notices that the necklace is gone! she remembered having it on during the ball and after but she thinks she lost it in the cab they got in to arrive home
  • invited to palace of minister

  • beginning of the story

    At first her husband comes come in the story and hands her a formal letter to go to the palace of the ministry on monday evening on janurary 18th but she tossed it to the side and says she cannot go because she has nothing to wear
  • agreeing 300 francs to buy his wife a dress

  • borrowing diamond necklace

    she went to ask her rich friend if she could borrow some fine jewellery and suddenly she found a sparkling diamond necklace in a satin black case she opened it and put it on thanking her for letting her borrow such fine jewellery
  • the ministers palace

    above herself with happiness. All the men stared at her, inquired her name, and asked to be introduced to her. All the Under-Secretaries of State were eager to waltz with her. The Minister noticed her.this part of the story is where she is very happy and feels flawless she doesnt feel poor at all wearing the nacklace
  • the lost necklace

    her husband was searching and searching for hours and returned home pale he had not found the necklace
  • searching for a new necklace

    she searches from jewellery store to jewellery store then she finds a match to the nacklace she lost and it was 40,000 francs
  • returning froid necklace

    she returns the 40,000 franc necklace to her friend and for the next 10 years she has to work hard to pay it off
  • after 10 years

    she spots her friend walking by and tells her the truth aboput losing the necklace and how she spent the last 10 years paying it off then her friend tells her that the necklace that was lost was only worth 500 francs...