The Nation Breaking Apart

  • Wilmot Proviso

    This bill amied to outlsw slavery in territories taken from Mexico. THe bill passed in the House of Representatives but was defeated in the Senate thus causing a division in the Congress. Although, not a success it led to the formation of the Free Soil Party.
  • Comprrmise of 1850

    The Compromise of 1850 was a series of bills that wanted to resolve the territorial and slavery problem that arose from the Mexican-American War whivh was during 1846-1848. There were 5 laws which balanced the on going sttuggle of the slave states and free states. The South of Missouri was slave states and there were free states to the north. California was admitted as a free state
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin was written as a protest against slavery. It dramatically protrayed themoral issues of slavery. The book was an instant seller in the North and really made even more angry about slavery and how slaves are treated. However, this mad the white Southerners very angry. The whitle Southerners believed that the novel falsely critized the South and slavery.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, opened new lands, repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820, and allowed settlers in those territories to determine if they would allow slavery within their boundaries. To get South to agree to it, he suggested that the decision about whether to allow slavery in those states. Few relalized that the act would turn Kansas into a battle ground for slavery.
  • ''Bleeding Kansas''

    Because when Kansas was chosen to be a state to choose its laws about slavery the people from the south and north went there to try to make it a slave or free state, then fighting broke out and lives were lost, that's why its called bleeding Kansas. Civil was broke out in Kansas after the news of violence spread. The violence was to avenge the Sack of Lawernce, so Brown and 7 other went to several of the pro-slavery neighbors and murdered 5 people. This continued for 3 whole years.
  • Canning of Sumner

    Senator Charles Sumner was the Massachusetts representative. He wrote a very inspiring speech about slavery. It was a speech against slavery. Now some people took it very differently. It made some people very mad. For example, he then was beaten by Senator Preston Brooks when he read it to the other senators.
  • Dred Scott v. Sandford

    Dred Scott was a slave. HIs owner however, took him (a slave) to a free state for some time. In that territory slavery was illegal. He argued that he was a free man because he went to territory where slavery was illegal. Scott then went to the court. However he was not considered a citizen and therefore could not sue for his freedom.
  • Election of 1860

    The United States presidential election of 1860 was the last straw before the American Civil War. The nation had been divided throughout most of the 1850s on questions of states' rights and slavery in the territories. In 1860, this issue finally came to a head.Southern and Northern factions and bringing Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party to power without the support of a single Southern state. Abraham Lincoln had won the election and the Southerners were very upset.