The Martian Chronicles

By Zheller
  • Rocket Summer

    A rocket descends on a small town in Ohio during winter, bringing summer in its heat. Gives the reader a sense of how far technology has gone and what it is capable of.
  • Ylla

    Ylla dreamed of Earth men landing on mars and was wishing that it actually happened. Later on in the chronicle men actually do show up and Ylla's husband goes out and kills them as they get off the rocket. She also sings a song in english even though they can not speak it becasue the martians have telepathy and read the men from Earth's mind and thats what they were singing.
  • The Summer Night

    Martians throughout Mars’ night side begin to have thoughts surrounding a strange song in a language that they don’t know. People waken in the middle of the night in terror as the lyrics drift throughout their minds. It shows how the Martians think of Earth people and how they react to things they are not use too.
  • The Earth Men

    This is a second expedition and when they arrive they get no welcome party or celebration and after going from house to house they are finally put into an insane asylum. Eventually they are killed by the martians and the martian that kills them kills himself becasue he believes he is the one creating the hallucinations.
  • The Taxpayer

    Pritchard fights to get onto the rocket to go to mars. He says he wants to get away from the government and the atomic war that is about to happen in the next couple of years. The rocket eventually launches and he is not on it.
  • The Third Expedition

    John Black and his crew of 16 men land on Mars to find a city almost identical to those on Earth. They are greeted by relatives from each of their families who have passed away many years before, and told them this is where they came after they have died. All the men stay with their own family overnight. During the night, Black couldn’t sleep, because he felt afraid of their families. He was getting up to get a drink and was killed. Everyone was killed by their family that night.
  • And The Moon Be Still As Bright

    This is the fourth expedition and 20 men land and are not able to find any sort of lift at all. All the martians were killed by chickenpox that had been carried over from one of the earlier missions. Spender walks away by himself and gets lost in the woods. He comes back a week later and ends up killing a bunch of the men and then finally the captain took him aside and talked to him and kills him.
  • The Settlers

    This chronicle is short but explains to use why people are going to mars and why people are trying to get away from certain people. It also portrays the emotions that the travelers have has they go to mars.
  • The Green Morning

    A man passed out many times due to the lack of air on mars so he decided to plant lots of seed in hoping that it would one day rain and grow lots of trees. Eventually it did rain and thousands of trees grew. This shows our destruction to other planets becasue if it isn't how we like we will change it to fit our preference.
  • The Locusts

    This chronicle is short and is about how there are now so many people coming to mars that all the rockets in the sky look like locusts. The locusts represent mankind becasue we are destroying mars just like locusts destroy crops on Earth.
  • Night Meeting

    Tomas Gomez is living on Mars. Gomez meets one of the martians that has been living in the hills. The martian and Gomez talk to each. They both think that one is alive and one is dead, but they can’t decide on who is who. The two eventually go in separate directions and they both think they were dreaming.
  • The Shore

    In this chronicle it explains how there are a variety of different people with different professions and that they are only from America. It describes the variety of people coming to live on mars and that each day more and more people show up.
  • The Fire Balloons

    Peregrine wants to try and convert some of the natives. They find that most of the martians are dead but find a new race who look like spheres of blue fire. Peregrine believes these creatures are intelligent and have souls. They build a church for these new martians, but they don't seem to appreciate it. Even though the priests didn't convert anyone, they feel holier.
  • Interim

    In this section they are building the 10th city. It descibes all the lumber and supplies that are needed to build this city. The narrator describes how you can hear people hymns being sung, the novelist at work, and the poet writting his poems.
  • The Musicians

    In the Musicians we find some boys hiking and they come to one of the dead cities. They then enter the house and begin kicking and screaming while playing music with the bones of the dead martians.They the whole thing to Autumn so that it didn't seem as bad because the kids were playing with the dead bodies of the martians.
  • The Wilderness

    This chronicle is about Janice and Leonora who are getting ready to go to Mars. Janice wants to reunite with her boyfriend so they are taking the time to say goodbye to everything in their town. Especially everything they will miss the most like chocolate malts and perfume. This chronicle is important because this is the first time that we see any girls going to mars for the first time.
  • The Naming of Names

    In this chronicle everyone there are naming all of the landforms and towns after the people that were there before them like athaniel York town, Second Try, and Spender Hill. They also make graveyards and bury the first dead.
  • Usher 2

    A fellow fan of fantasy named Pikes helped him make all the robots that are inside the house. Garrett, and investigator for the moral climate comes to tell him that they will be coming to take down the house. William takes him inside for a tour and a robot ape kills him. They then make a robot to look like him and send him to ask for more time to investigate. He invites all the people in the house.He kills them all one by one and replaces them with robots. The house sinks into a bog at the end.
  • The Old Ones

    Old people finally journey to Mars. They come after Mars has been colonized and is safe. Mars is an escape to everyone and this is how every type of person on Earth is finding vaule on Mars.
  • The Martian

    LaFarge and his wife Anna are older people who have settled on Mars. One night, their deceased son Tom, shows up on their porch. LaFarge has trouble believing this while his wife does not and pushes the reunited family to go into town. As they arrive in town “Tom” quickly disappears. In particular a family with a lost daughter sees him and he takes shape of their lost daughter. A cop sees the martian as a criminal. Everyone sees the martian as someone important to them.
  • The Luggage Store

    There is supposedly an atomic war on Earth and the priest and the luggage salesmen think that many of the people on mars will go back to Earth to see their loved ones and see if they can help out.
  • The Off Season

    Sam creates a hotdog stand on mars to try to make some money. While he is at his stand he shoots and kills a martian. The martians then begin to chase him and he tries to run away but they eventually catch him. They actually instead of killing him give him half of mars for some reason.
  • The Watchers

    Hearing the news of possible war, a lot of the colonists on Mars come out to watch the Earth at night.
    There is a war going on at Earth.They see explosions all over the Earth.The survivors on Earth radio up to the people on Mars to come home. Eventually everyone on mars go home except for a select few.
  • The Silent Towns

    Walter Gripp is the last man on Mars.
    He was an isolated miner when the war happened, which is why he missed all the rockets going back to Earth.
    But now he's really isolated, and also really sad about it.
    Until, that is, he hears a phone ringing. It's the last woman on Mars, Genevieve Selsor. He meets her and is nothing like he expects so he runs away and lives by himself happily ever after.
  • The Long Years

    Mr. Hathaway and his “family” are some of the only people left on mars. Finally, a rocket is spotted and we again meet Captain Wilder. As the reunion between the two commences, Mr, Hathaway seems to be having heart trouble and he soon dies due to the strain and excitement of seeing other people. We later learn that his whole family are robots that he built to replace his family after they all died.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    A mechanically operated house runs through its daily routines of making breakfast and cleaning even though there are no more humans living in it because California was bombed and everyone and everything was killed by it. Eventually a tree crashes into the house catching it on fire and it burns to the ground all except one wall.
  • The Million-Year Picnic

    A Father takes his wife and three sons named Timothy, Michael, and Robert on a family sized rocket to Mars. Upon arriving they unpack enough food for years and a gun as well as other supplies. The family gets into a motorboat and head down one of the canals. Their father tells them to pick a town and they eventually pick one and thats where they live forever. Their dad then also shows them the dead martians that are in the water at the very end.