The Martian Chronicles

  • Rocket Summer

    The Rocket descends on a small town in Ohio during winter, bringing summer in its heat.
  • Ylla

    A house of crystal pillars on planet Mars. Every Morning Mrs. K would eat Golden Fruits. Afternoons in Mars are warm and motionless. Everyday on Mars in the afternoon they are in their houses. Mr. and Mrs. K have brownish skin and yellow eyes. Ylla's husband kills the first expedition of Earth men out of jealousy.
  • The Summer Night

    In amphitheaters in hundreds of towns Martian people gathered to watch musicians play serene music. A woman sang a song that the Martian people couldn't understand her because it wasn't in the Martian lauguage . Then the children started to sing the same song. In the middle of the night a woman woke up screaming and tears ran down her face "Something terrible will happen in the morning". The only sound before dawn was a night watchman far away down the lonely street singing the same song.
  • The Earth Men

    The earth men of the second expedtion arrived on Mars. Captian Williams knocked on a door until Mrs.Ttt answered the door. She gave him a hard time at first. The Captain was surprised that she was speaking English, she said a rude remark "I speak what I speak". Captain W told her that they were from Earth and he asked about what happened to the first Earth men.
  • The Tax Payer

    A man, a tax payer, wanted to go to Mars because he believed that there was going be be an atomic war on Earth.
  • The Third Expedition

    In the third expedtion there were 17 men and a captain on the trip to Mars. One man dies during the trip up to Mars. There was a tall brown house on Mars. There was also white and red houses. The town on Mars that the men arrived on had thin air so it made it hard to breathe. The men went out on the ship. All men died and there was 16 holes where the men once stood.
  • And the Moon be Still as Bright

    This is the fourth expedition. The men were named Captain Wilder, Spender, Cherokee, Hathaway, Sam Parkhill and Biggs. There were 20 men on this ship. The fifth city had thousands of dead bodies . They died from Chickenpox. There were 14 men that went out to explore the city. Spender was gone from the ship for a week and while he was gone he went crazy. When he came back to the ship he killed all 20 men.
  • The Settlers

    The men of Earth came to Mars. They wanted to find something on Mars or leave something behind on Earth. The men came with small dreams, large dreams or none at all. The men felt a great deal of loneliness because their home town was dwindling in size.
  • The Green Morning

    A man wants to plant trees but he passes out because of thin air. It was hard for him to predict the rain fall. So he made it his goal to plant thousands of trees across Mars. Unfortunately rain was not easy to predict. With a little of luck, however it finally rained causing thousands of trees to sprout and grow into full size trees.
  • The Locusts

    The rockets turn rock into lava, wood to charcoal. Earthmen came from the rockets to make Mars into their own. In only six months a dozen towns had been created on Mars. 90,000 people came to Mars and more on Earth were on their way to Mars. Mars was now starting to become more like Earth.
  • The Night Meeting

    In this chronicle we meet Tomas Gomez. Gomez is living on Mars. Gomez meets one of the Martians that has been living in the hills. The Martians and Gomez talk to each other. They both think that one is alive and one is dead but they can't decide on who is who. The two eventually go in separate directions. They both think they were dreaming.
  • The Shore

    Mars was a distant shore. There was a body of water where each wave was different and got stranger. The first wave carried the first earth men. They looked skinny, their faces with flesh worn off and their hands like material of old gloves. Everyone knew the first woman would be. The second men had traveled from other countires. The rockets were American and so were the men. It stayed that way for a little while when wars were going on in the other countries or the thought of war.
  • The Fire Balloons

    Most Reverend Father Joseph Daniel Peregrine from Ohio took other priests on a rocket ship to Mars. The Priests wanted to build a church to convert the Martians. There were two types of Martians. One group of Martians were almost exist. The second race of Martain were like blue blobs. Two priests went into the mountians to see the blobs and the rocks almost fell on them but the blobs saved them.
  • The Interim

    They brought 15,000 feet of Oregon pine lumber to build the 10th city. Also 79,000 feet of Cailfornia redwood. On Sunday nights you could hear people sing. An Iowa town was carried off to Mars in a twister.
  • The Musicians

    The boys hiked out far into the Martian countryside with paper bags. They hiked every season but Autumn was the best because they could run through the leaves just like Earth. Their parents told them never to go through the old towns. One of the boys went into a old town.
  • The Wilderness

    First time women went to Mars. Janet was locked in a closet with her sister. Men were building on Mars for the earth people. They were leaving Earth tomorrow. Janet is afraid of darkness, the unknown. But her friend told her that her love of her life, Will, is on Mars and it set her at ease. Will wrote a note to Janet and when she read it she made up her mind to go to Mars. Janet feels like she dead.
  • The Naming of Names

    (2035-2036) They came to the blue lands and red town where Martians killed the Earthmen, where the first rocket landed. When the Martians got settled the Earth people came with rules and regulations which the people tried to get away from. Martians become more adapted to Mars in this chapter.
  • Usher 2

    One day in autumn he was riding horseback and he could see the House of Usher. Mrs. Stendal said that the house was planned, built and payed for and he thanked Mr. Bigelow for his hard work. He asked what he was going to do with the house now that it was done. Mr. Stendal said it was none of his bussiness. He was mad the way people treated Edgar Poe. He said that he was going to teach a lesson to the people that treated Poe that way.
  • The Old Ones

    It was more natural for old people to go to Mars. Then the people that were loud frontiersmen, aromatics, sophisticates or professional travelers in search for a new place to live. In April the old people came to Mars.
  • The Martian

    Lafarge and his wife are older people who have settled on Mars. One night their deceased son Tom shows up on their porch. Lafarge is having a hard time believing this but his wife doesn't. She wants the family to come together in the town. Tom quickly disappears the appears as a person of someone else's family that had deceased and was important to the family. After a while everyone is chasing him around town. The stress of being everyone kills him.
  • The Luggage Store

    There is going to be a war on Earth. The proprietor didn't believe it. Father Peregine said that the proprietor didn't believe it because he wasn't there. The title is important to this chapter because people only believe something if they can actually see it with their own eyes . Just like the Proprietor doesn't believe it because he didn't see it happen.
  • The Off Season

    Sam Parkhill found the sign that said Sam's Hot Dogs. He owns the business and he thinks he will make thousands. Little does he know that there will be no one to sell the hot dogs to on Mars. His wife doesn't believe that there is going to be an atomic war on Mars. A rocket arives on Mars with a man that came back to visit. He was so focused on the hot dog stand that he didn't hear what the guy was telling him. Then a guy runs to a stolen ship and shoots the Martian. Martians gave him Mars.
  • The Watchers

    Everyone on Mars came out of their houses and watched the green star (Earth). They tried to believe that Earth existed. At 9:00 Earth seemed to explode. By midnight the fire of Earth was out and there was only pieces of Earth left.
  • The Silent Towns

    He is looking for someone because he is lonely. He waits for a phone to ring. He picks it up and talks to someone over the line for only a little bit and it goes out. He didn't expect her to look the way she did. She had browish hair, greasy mouth and face. She had a wedding dress on so he thought she wanted to marry him. So at that moment he decided to live alone for the rest of his life. I think the author is telling us to be careful what you ask for.
  • The Long Years

    Mr. Hathaway would sit by a wood fire with his family and his wife talking about the old days on Earth. There has been 20 years since the great war. Mars was a tomb planet. One violent dust storm came through their town wiping out everything except for their stone house. He went out for a walk, he came across a graveyard where there were 4 stones.
  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    The house would wake up the family everyday, make breakfast for them,tell them what time they needed to be at work and the kids at school.Also the house would tell them when to pay bills. But the dog realized something was not right and the dog became sad whereas the house didn't know that the family was missing because it probably was programmed to do those things everyday.Technology will never be as smart as Humans because it cannot feel.
  • The Million Year Picnic

    Tim was on a fishing trip with his family on Mars. The night for them going to mars his dad was rushing around to get ready for them to leave. They acrossed a dead city his dad was releaved. His dad heard a big sound and so they got off the boat and he blew up the rocket. He did so that no one would find them. Tim's dad told them why they left earth.They became martians because they were the only people on mars.