The Martian Chronicles

By Dan4758
  • Rocket Summer

    The first rocket mission to Mars takes off. As it does it melts all the snow in the nearby housing community and civilians watch as it rockets upwards
  • Ylla

    On the Planet Mars a Martian Man and his wife have a discussion about Ylla having dreams about men from Earth. Ylla's husband the kills the first expedition due to his jealousy.
  • The Summer Night

    On the Planet Mars the Martians telepathic abilities are causing them to sing unfamiliar songs in an unfamiliar language. We learn this is the 2nd expedition coming to Mars.
  • The Earth Men

    A second expedition comes to Mars. In this expedition the humans encounter the Martians and despite the excitement of the humans the Martians are unimpressed and not interested. The men are sent to an insane asylum because the Martians believe they are Martians gone insane. A Martian psychologist then kills them and himself after believing he too is insane.
  • The Taxpayer

    A Taxpaying man begs the men to send him to Mars aswell as he fears that Earth may erupt into an Atomic War in the coming years. He is laughed at and mocked before being taken away in a police van as the third expedition takes off.
  • The Third Expedition

    At this time a third expedition lands on Mars. The men on the ship begin to introduce themselves to the Martians, but are constantly brushed off and sent from place to place by the Martians. Eventually they come before a Martian by the name of Mr.Xxx. The Martian leads them to a room full of other Martians claiming they came from Earth and they realize they were sent to a Martian insane Asylum. Mr.Xxx asks to see their ship before killing them and then himself on the belief of being insane.
  • And the Moon Be Still as Bright

    A Fourth Expedition has been sent to Mars and after a long night of partying the 17 men go to a Martian village and relize the Martians are all dead because the first three expeditions brought the Chicken Pox to Mars and it was leathal to the Martians. One of the Men, Spender, gets sick and randomly leaves the party. A week later he returns and begins killing his allies. He speaks to the Captain and tells him he is trying to protect what's left of Mars. The Captain helps before killing Spender
  • The Settlers

    A description describing continued efforts to Colonize Mars and description of the take off of the rocket to Mars.
  • The Green Morning

    Benjamin Driscroll is a 31 yr old man who came to Mars. After Passing out due to lack of Oxygen he decides to plant trees on Mars. He plants thousands of trees in a few days. On the final day he goes to bed as it begins to rain. It rains all night and in the morning he discovers all the seeds he planted are now fully grown trees as the soil and rain on Mars are extremely fertile.
  • The Locusts

    The Locusts Chronicle dipicts how the rockets appear as they rapidly arrive and depart from Mars. The rockets continually bring more people and plenty more supplies to build their settlements on Mars.
  • Night Meeting

    In the Chronicle "Night Meeting" a man is driving along a Martian road in the Mountains of Mars and is on his way to a party. On the way a giant insect-like machine appears, from which decends a Martian. The Man and Martian begin to have friendly conversation until the man offers the martian a drink. The Martian's hand passes clean through the cup and this startles both of them. At first they believe one is dead and the other is alive, but then realize one is in the past and the other in future.
  • The Shore

    The Shore depicts Mars as an ancient shore. Humans continue to go to Mars in large numbers and because all of them are male Americans people can already tell who the first women will be. It also depicts why they are going to Mars. A select few are going for religion.
  • The Fire Balloons

    A group of priests lead by Father Peregrine heads off to Mars to find the Martians and convert them to Christianity and relieve their sins. Upon arrival they head up to the Mountain paths and face a series of life threatining situations. All of which they survived thanks to glowing blue fire orbs that were once martians. Father Peregine believes they are vessels of God and builds them a Church. The Martians refuse stating they already have found their peace. The Fathers leave happily.
  • Interim

    By this point in time areas on Mars are now dotted with Churches that hold devine worship on Sundays. The symbols not only depict Jesus on the Cross, but the blue orbs of the Martians. The Churches are also decorated with Stained Glass Windows.
  • The Musicians

    A group of children go to a nearby dead Martian town, against their parents warnings, and describe the place like fall as black particles crunch beneth their feet and they begin to make music using the bones of the Martians
  • The Wilderness

    In the Chronicle "The Wilderness" Janice and her friend are preparing to leave to the planet Mars. The night before they do so they decide to spend it doing activities and eating foods that they would miss on Mars. Chocolate molts for example.
  • The Naming of Names

    The Chronicle depicts how people have started to give new names to places located on Mars. Some names like "Spender's Point" refer to people from some of the first expeditions and some are simply familiar names from Earth
  • Usher II

    A man who is upset at the fact that in the early 21st century, fantasy novels from authors like Edgar Allen Poe were burned uses 4 million dollars to build a replica of the house of Usher fit with mechanical beings representing figures from other works. Before hand a Government agent inspects the house and orders it torn down. The man, however convinces the agent and his team to take a tour. He has the robots kill them one by one and replaced by their own robot copies in the mannar from Poe
  • The Old Ones

    This Chronicle depicts the last leg of the Colonization of Mars as elderly people come to the planet to explore something new in their later years.
  • The Martian

    An old couple goes to bed when they realize someone is outside. When they look they see someone who resembles their long decesed son. The man leaves the door open and the boy comes in. The next day they go into town, but the boy is terrified fearing he may become "trapped". Soon everyone begins to see him as someone important to them. A crowd gathers and begins yelling. Unable to cope with it all the boy dies revealing he was a Martian. When the couple get home they lock the door.
  • The Luggage Store

    Father Pergerine returns and converses with the owner of a Luggage store. He tells the owner everyone will soon leave Mars and return to Earth due to the on coming War. He says that people will return to Earth to be with their families and their real home before everything is killed or destroyed.
  • The Off Season

    Most of the People on Mars have finally returned to Earth except Sam and his wife. Sam built a Hot Dog stand on the side of a Highway excpecting a horde of more passengers to Mars in the next week. A martian approaches him to give him something but he kills it. He and his wife run from the Martians in an old Martian ship and are pursued by several others. After Destroying a Martian city and ship they give him half of Mars. Earth burns in Fire.
  • The Watchers

    People on the Planet Mars look on in horror as the planet Earth is scorched by flames and explosions as War breaks out. Amongst it all a light begins sending morse code messages begging the people on Mars to come home. The luggage store is emptied that day.
  • The Silent Towns

    A man left on Mars, who was too afraid to go to Earth, despreatly tries to contact someone else who is on Mars. He spends weeks calling number after number trying to find someone. As he suffers even more from lonliness he finally finds someone who answers. She tells him where she is and he rushes to meet her. Upon finding her he realizes she is unattractive and fat. She is already ready to marry him and in fear he decides to live his life alone.
  • The Long Years

  • There Will Come Soft Rains

    A single golden age home sits in the outskirts of Los Angeles which was Nuked. The house is an entirly robotic home and the robots run as if the day was like any other. Noone is around anymore. A lone dog enters the house before dying. A tree falls over which catches the house on fire and it burns to the ground except for one wall.
  • The Million-Year Picnic

    A man takes his family away from Earth in their own personal rocket in promises of a "fishing trip". They blow up their rocket and the dad asks his sons to pick out a city. They pass six cities and choose the sixth one. It is an old Martian city. The dad tells his kids that the city is their new home and they are now Martians