The Martian Chronicles

  • Rocket Summer

    The first rocket launch to Mars occurs in the middle of winter. The blast from the engines turns what was just the middle of winter, cold and snowy, to a hot, bright, and green, "rocket summer".
  • Ylla

    The first astronauts from Earth reach Mars, and are killed by the husband of a Martian woman who has dreamed about them prior to their arrival. The Martians are shown to possess strange technology and telepathy.
  • The Summer Night

    On a summer evening, on Mars, a woman attempts to put a show on, but begins to sing human words. This is foregin to all of them, which causes hystaria, because they all communicate through telepathy.
  • The Earth Men

    The Second Expidition makes it to Mars, but they're shocked when none of the Martians seem to be impressed by their arrival. None were impressed, until they were directed to a psychologist, who led them into what they later found was an insane asylum. Eventually, they tried to show the psychologist, Mr. Xxx, that the rocket and the other three men of Captain Williams' crew were real, but he was merely fascinated by the strength of his hallucinations. He then proceeds to kill them, to remove..
  • The Earth Men(cont.)

    their hallucinations from him. When he kills all 4 men and finds that they and the rocket still persist, he believes that he has become infected with the hallucinations, and shoots himself.
  • The Taxpayer

    There is a crazed man who wishes to board a rocket imminently launching for Mars. He says that he is a taxpayer and a good citizen, and he wants to leave Earth before the atomic war takes place, which foreshadows to later chronicles, and to get away from censorship and the controlling goverment, which were also later shown to only have been brought to Mars anyway.
  • The Third Expedition

    The next crew arrives on Mars to find a town nearly identical to the one they were from on Earth. They also discover that, according to the residents there, they have gone backwards in time to 1926. Upon exploring the town, every crew member finds old family of theirs that has passed away, saying this is where they came after death. Everyone believes them besides the Captain, Black, who is skeptical. At the end of the first day, they all sleep with their respective families, but Black is ...
  • The Third Expedition(cont.)

    unsteady about the whole situation, so he tries to leave. He is confronted by his brother, being a martian, who sensed his terror, and killed him, along with the rest of his crew. They were buried as normal, thought to be accidental, deaths in the night.
  • And the Moon Be Still as Bright

    The fourth expedition is successful, for all the Martians seem to have died from chicken pox from another expedition. Biggs tries to get everyone excited for being on Mars, but Spender refuses, and rebels by hitting Biggs and running off. He comes back saying he's a Martian, and kills many of the crew, running off again. The captain chases him, and ultimately kills him, but decides to help his cause to preserve Mars, as he wanted.
  • The Settlers

    The first people moving to Mars simply to live there. The immigration brings lots of culture with them, and is symbolic and relative to the colonization of the United States.
  • The Green Morning

    The air on Mars is far less rich than that of Earth, so Benjamin Driscoll decides to figure out how to fill Mars with oxygen. He plants trees, but does not expect anything. However, a huge rain storm makes them grow in extraordinary measures.
  • The Locusts

    The Americans are beginning to all move to Mars; they're setting up their civilization just as it was on Earth, only a different place.
  • Night Meeting

    A Martian citizen from earth named Tomas Gomez meets a martian, who says they must be indifferent time, because these experiences have not been reported. They talk about their experiences and everything, then, after arguing a bit, they go seperare ways.
  • The Shore

    The first settlers from Earth reach Mars, all from the US. Others follow, also from the US, but other parts, since everywhere else in the world is absorbed in the war. This is similar to the colonization from Europeans to the Americas.
  • The Interim

    A large amount of material is moved to Mars in order to build, or rather recreate, the towns back on Earth. It is said that they have essentially rebuild towns from Earth, as there are identical copies on Mars, which is ironic, given that they left Earth just to find a place exactly like it.
  • The Musicians

    Some boys from Earth go into deserted Martian cities, after being told not to. They proceed to play around and trash the cities, playing on the dead skeletons of the Martians as if they were instruments. They are later punished.
  • Way in the Middle of the Air

    It is discovered that all the negroes of a town are leaving for Mars. Samuel Teece does not agree with this, as many work for him or owe him something, such as Belter; He wishes to go, but owes $50, and Teece will not let hiim go. However, an old man has everyone going to Mars give some of their money to Belter so he may pay off the debt and go to Mars, w which he does. Teece chases them in his truck, only to see that they have left for Mars, leaving all their belongings on a road.
  • The Naming of Names

    This describes all the landmarks of the new colonies on Mars, and how they were named after the previous expeditions and those who have died before the colonizing of Mars.