The Mark of Athena by RIck Riordan,Fiction, 574 pages

  • 0-102 pages read. (102 in all)

    The ship Argo 2 lands in the Roman's camp and Annabeth,Jason,Piper,Coach Hedge,and Leo all get off the ship to rezendevous with Percy and his new found friends. During this rezendevous though, a spirit takes over Leo's body and forces him to attack the Roman camp therefore forcing them to escape and making unintentional enemies of the romans.
  • 102-286 pages read. (286 in all)

    As they escape the crew is followed by giant eagles that won't leave them be and forces them to be wary of their surroundings. They attempt to make their way to the rome and on the way are badgered by phrophecies concerning annabeth who is the "child of athena" and are told that the gods are not acting themselves beacuse of their fighting with the Romans.
  • 286-403

    As they near Rome the demigods get in many fights with the Romans that result in the destruction of a civil war memorial and there annabeth finds out what the mark of athena is and what it means for her. She realizes that she must go on a quest while she is in Rome, and this quest inculdes reaquiring her mothers most precious treasure and defeating her most treacherous enemy, arachne.
  • 403-526 pages read

    Annabeth finds arachne with the help of some gods and attempts to battle arachne and her spider children. She succeeds in doing this and faces off arachne and attempts to trick her into creating her own downfall by making her fall into the depths of tartarus. At this same time Leo and Piper are stuck underground and fight the same spirits that took over Leo in the Roman camp and forced him to fire on them.
  • 526-574 pages read. (574) in all

    Annabeth finally defeats Arachne and she falls into the depths of tartarus screaming revenge against annabeth. Leo and Piper finally beat the spirits and find some precious tools and inventions from a very ancient workshop. Percy and Jason battle the two giant twins and free nico di angelo who was being held captive at the time and together they all go and free annabeth from the cave she was under with arachne. Although, as they are saving annabeth, Percy and Annabeth both fall into tartarus.