The Lottery

  • Mr. Summers arrives in the square a little bit late.

  • Mr. Summers sets down the black box on the three-legged stool that was made by Mr. Graves

  • Mr. Summers tried to replace the box, which he successfully did, however, he introduced paper strips to the lottery.

  • When Bill shows his marked slip, Tessie begins to protest, saying that he wasn't given enough time to draw.

  • Finally, Tessie draws her own slip. She holds it in her fist until Bill takes it from her and shows the black spot.

  • Mr. Summers tells everyone that Tessie has the black dot.

  • Someone gives Dave Hutchinson a few pebbles so that he can throw them at his mother with the rest of the village.

  • Tessie tells everyone that it's not right. She tells everyone that it's not fair, but the villlage descends on her.