The little Mermaid

Timeline created by chloea1998
  • Mermaids

    A crew member tells Eric about mermaids, Eric does not believe it because he has never seen one and thinks the crew member is crazy.
  • The performance

    Meanwhile, under the sea King Triton is going to listen to his daughters singing performance, featuring his youngest daughter Ariel, but when the last she’ll opens Ariel is not inside!
  • The Sunken Ship

    While the performance is going, Ariel was searching a sunken ship with a fish named flounder, when they get to the ship Ariel discovers a fork. Meanwhile Flounder sees a shark. The shark decides to attack and they barely make it out Alive.
  • Dinglehopper

    After they Escape the shark, Ariel and Flounder go to the surface, to see a seagull named Scuttle, Who sees humans and knows what the Items Ariel finds are. Scuttle tells them that the fork is a dinglehopper and humans use them to twirl and curl they’re hair. Ariel also finds a pipe, And scuttle tells her humans use them to make noise, and that they are instruments in performances. Which reminds Ariel about the performance.
  • Meeting Ursula

    Meanwhile, In a dark Cave, Ursula, an evil sea witch is planning to take over Atlanta using Triton’s last daughter: Ariel. Ursula looks like a half octopod. She is human from the waist up. Below the waist are long tentacles.
  • Triton’s Rant

    Triton was furious! His youngest daughter had missed her opening debut. And then her fish Flounder, had let it slip that she had gone to the surface. The surface. Where Humans are. So Triton grounded her and told her that she would be under constant supervision. So he appointed his right hand man: Sebastian the Crab.
  • Ariel’s Collection

    We get a special treat when Ariel sings: part of your world, Ariel had been collecting human items for years. Spoons, knives, forks, hats and many other items are in her collection. Ariel also wants to become a human, exactly what Ursula wants...
  • Under The Sea

    When Sebastian reliezes that Ariel wants to be a human, Sebastian sings a song called Under The Sea to convince Ariel that life under the sea isn’t so bad.
  • Ariel’s Deal

    Despite the song that Sebastian sang Ariel still wants to become a human. So, she strikes a deal with the dangerous sea witch: Ursula
    The deal is: Ariel’s voice for human legs. Ariel takes the deal
  • Human

    Ariel had become a human. She had legs but could not walk on them, meanwhile Scuttle came and knew something was different, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Until Sebastian told him that Ariel had gotten legs.