Thomas alva edison 21

the life without the inventions of thomas edison

  • the bulb

    the bulb
    if Thomas Edison had not invented the light bulb, many of the current inventions would not exist, Including many who later invention or improved.
    really did not invent the light bulb, but if achievement to reach incandescence a filament without melting.
  • Edison Illuminating Company

    Edison Illuminating Company
    The Edison Illuminating Company was established by Thomas Edison on December 17, 1880, to construct electrical generating stations, initially in New York City. The company was the prototype for other local illuminating companies that were established in the United States during the 1880's
  • General Electric

    General Electric
    thanks to the company founded by Thomas Edison, he is associated with J. P. Morgan to found General Electric.
  • the locomotive

    the locomotive
    all these advances allowed the company of Thomas Edison joined forces with General Motors and this partnership allowed, among other things, improve traction and speed of the transport system used by factories of the time: the locomotive.
  • the cinema

    the cinema
    without the light bulb Thomas Edison would not have been possible the invention of cinema, due to the union of the invention of the light bulb and the Kinetoscope
  • the electric battery

    the electric battery
    without the bulb would not have been possible after the invention of the electric battery, which is one of the most used inventions today
  • the radio

    the radio
    the General Electric helped perfect the triode, which had the ability to amplify radio signals and generate it, without this there would exist to radio
  • x-ray

    after purchasing Stanley Electric Manufacturing Company in 1903 whose founder, William Stanley, had invented the transformer. the Company achievement in 1913, developed the first x-ray tube.
  • transport

    without the creation of General Electric would be impossible that many inventions had existed,   the trolebus eg, since general electric helped to generate and transmit power for these functioned
  • a different life

    a different life
    without the bulb life would be completely different, no light, without a lot of devices that currently exist, and would be delayed many years