The Life Of Sarah Bradlee Fulton

By RyanOA
  • She is Born

    Sarah Bradlee Fulton was born in Dorchester Suffolk County Massachusetts, USA.
  • Marries John Fulton

    .after getting married, they moved to medford, massachusetts.
  • Has a daughter, Ann.

    Ann was her first of three children. The exact date of her birth is unknown.
  • has a second daughter, Mary

    This is her second of three daughters. The exact date of her birth is unknown. She has no middle name.
  • Took Part in the Boston Tea Party

    She helped her husband and several others get ready by dressing up as mohawk indians to dump tea into the Boston Harbor.
  • Tea Act protests

    Sarah, along with the rest of Medford, decided not to buy any East India Tea Company Tea.
  • The midnight ride

    Paul Revere rode by her house and spread the news about the British coming to their lands.
  • The Battles of Lexington and Concord

    These battles were the first battles of the Revolutionary war.
  • The Continental Army is Formed

    The Second Continental Congress decides to create an army to fight against the British.
  • After the Battle of Bunker Hill...

    Sarah is on hand with bandages for wounded soldiers after the Battle of Bunker HIll.
  • She Spies

    Sarah agrees with George Washington to carry messages over enemy lines.
  • Independence

    The 13 Colonies declare Independence from Britain.
  • has her last daughter, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth was her youngest daugher. The exact date of her birth is unknown.
  • She Dies

    Sarah Bradlee Fulton died on November 9th 1835.
  • She is Buried

    Sarah Bradlee Fulton was buried in the Salem Streed Cemetery in Medford.