The life of Rihana

By JW3138
  • Rihanna's birthday

    to prove when she was born She was born to Monica and Ronald. She was the oldest of the three children her parents had. She was born in barbados. Her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
  • Period: to

    rihannas life

  • beauty pagents

    pageant shows Rihanna was in alot of beauty pagets as a child. SHe was placed in the top six. She performed hero by Mariah Carey in a school talent show.
  • parents broke up

    Her dad became a alcholic when she was young. He was also addicted to many durgs. Rihannas mom had enough and they dont a divorce when she was fourteen.
  • met him

    This is when one of Rihannas friends introduced her to Evan Rogers. He thought Rihannas singing was amazing. He said he knew that she would become secsessful. He later brought her to states and she started a recording.
  • singing to get rid of stress

    Rihanna started singing as a release from the stress at home. She started a girl singing group with two other girls at school.They ended up scoring a addition with a music producer.
  • moved

    A year after Rihanna sang for Evan she moved in with him and his wife. They then lived in connecticut to work on a demo album. Rihanna said she didnt wanna look back she wanted to keep going and doing what hse had to.
  • first cd

    Rihanna signed with Def Jam records when she was sixteen. Her first album was released.It sold more then two million coppies,
  • pon de replay

    2005 pon de replay realease This is when Rihannas song pon de replay was released. It quickly reached number two on the mainstream charts. A month later her song music of the sun reached number ten on the chart.
  • bring it on all or nothing

    Rihanna was in the movie. It was the first movie she was in and she sang in the movie. It was a very good movie and she was a great atress in the movie.
  • 2nd cd

    Eight months after her first cd her second one was made. It was called A Girl Like Me. One of the top songs one that cd was S.O.S.
  • opera

    She was a guest at a opera. The opera was called All My Children. It was a great time and she had fun.
  • 5 th album

    5th album Her fith album was called load. Its a good album. Some of the songs on it was whats my name and only girl in the world.
  • 6th album

    6th album Her sixth album was released in 2011. It was called talk that talk. It was sereved worlwide chart topper.
  • label

    Rihanna was award for her label by Def Jam for selling 25 million record worldwide. She has received twelve number one singles on the bilboard. She is also the youngest solo artist.
  • 7th album

    Her seventh album was released in 2012. It was another great cd. One of her songs on the cd was called dimonds and it became number 12 on the bilbord. The album was called unpoligetic.